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Dax's daughter's pep talk more than enough for Madoka

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Dax's daughter's pep talk more than enough for Madoka

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
January 6, 2051

As the Mitakihara Magi football team gathered in the visitors' locker room ahead of their BCS National Championship Game with the East Carolina Pirates, head coach Tatsuya Kaname introduced a special guest. "Guys, I want to introduce to you the daughter of one of our former coaches, Suzuka "Spica" Hasegawa, the daughter of our last defensive line coach Dax Hasegawa and the granddaughter of the program's first defensive line coach, Kodaka Hasegawa," he said.

"Thank you, Coach, and I want to say it's an honor to meet so many hot-looking guys," Spica said, flashing her peace signs, drawing a few hotts and hollers. "I'm still in high school though, so, not yet." And that drew a few "Awwwws" and snickers. "Anyway," Spica went on to say, "I plan to play on the women's golf team here next year, but I also plan to watch the football team do their thing, and that is win like there's no tomorrow.

"I love this team and this university and tonight, I want Daddy's team to win so that my Dad treats you all to dinner afterwards." That drew a few cheers. "Are you all ready?"

"YEEAH!" they all said.

"I said, are you all ready!?"


"Do it for Dad and for Madoka! Good luck, boys! Go win that thing!" And she watched the team make their way on to the field. "This one's for Spica!" roared the players, who went on to rip apart ECU, 147-28.

Quarterback Haruyuki Arita passed for 444 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 442 yards and four more scores. Halfback Tommy Washington ran for 188 yards and four more majors, fullback Zack Wade ran for 124 yards and four touchdowns and halfback Rob Wade ran for 71 yards and two majors.

Wide receiver Trey Lester led the receivers with five receptions for 132 yards while fellow wideout Takumu Mayuzumi led the blockers with 26 pancakes. Lester also had 23 pancakes. Right outside linebacker Robert Gaither wrapped up an illustrious career with 11 tackles and three sacks. Right end Brian Brown added four sacks.

"We wanted to win it for the women of our university because they are the ones that help us get it up at night," said middle linebacker Jeff Nakazawa, who had nine tackles, a sack and an interception. "We especially wanted to leave Spica-chan impressed. Can't wait for dinner. Can't wait desu!"

"We're gonna be Number 1 when all is said and done," said Arita. "The pollsters can't hold us back any longer. What a night and what a feeling it is to play for the great Madoka. Absolutely amazing. This is my kind of year."

Mitakihara improve to 14-0 for the season.

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