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By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
October 2, 2051

My name is D.W. Hinoi. I am a halfback from Mitakihara Town, and I am a senior at Mitakihara High School, I currently lead the Angels in rushing with 790 yards and 24 touchdowns and receiving with 350 yards and 10 touchdowns. I also play cornerback, and I have 10 tackles and three interceptions through five games.

D.W. stands for Douglas Wayne, but my Japanese given name is Daisuke. My mother is Japanese socialite/novelist Aya Toujou and my grand-aunt, who I consider to be my de facto grandmother, is famous Japanese singer Asuka Hinoi. At Mitakihara High, I am called "Ike Ike," or "Go Go" in Japanese, because of my speed and reliability when making plays.

[Image: j4gs.jpg]

Asuka Hinoi, the grandaunt/de facto grandmother of Mitakihara recruit, halfback D.W. Hinoi.

I was born in Osaka, Japan on January 8, 2034. My father, Yuzaburo Hinoi, was a member of the Japanese national rugby team for 20 years before working in coaching. At the age of seven, I moved to Canada with my parents, and we settled in Mitakihara because of the quality of living was better. My dad now works as the head coach of the Mitakihara University men's rugby team.

Originally, I didn't consider Mitakihara to be a school that I wanted to go because I felt there were other options for me, like Notre Dame. But I found out after the first week that the one school that really wanted me was Coach Tatsuya Kaname. I wasn't a fan of their option attack because I feel that I could catch as well as run, but once I found out that their balanced attack was balanced, my opinion changed.

My fiancee is Rina Manaka, a gold medalist in volleyball at the Olympic Games. She told me she wanted to play on the women's volleyball team at Mitakihara University but only if I joined her. It took a visit to Madoka to convince me that this was my type of schoool, and it was.

I like Mitakihara University. It's not far from where I live, and I don't have to travel halfway across the continent to play the best college football. Finally, I want to meet the founder of the university and talk with her about her legacy and how she created the place. 

To me, Dr. Madoka Kaname is not just the founder and chancellor of Mitakihara University...she IS the university. When I get out on the field, donning the colors of the Rose, Pink and White, I'm not only playing for myself, my teammates, my classmates, my family, my city and country...I'm also playing for Madoka. So I want to make my Goddess proud. I can't wait to get out there.

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