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Madoka Magi on the recruiting blitz

Madoka Magi on the recruiting blitz

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
August 15, 2052

Well, folks, the 2052 college football season hasn't even started and already 10 players have committed to Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi football team. The most notable recruits that have committed to Madoka are fullback Hearst Helmsley, strong safety Nick Malceski and punter Rick Eagle, a trio of local five-star recruits from Mitakihara Town, all who start for the Mitakihara High Angels.

All in all, three five-star recruits, four four-star recruits and three three-star recruits have committed to the Best College Football Team in All of College Football. The news impressed offensive coordinator Akiyuki Kaname, who also doubles as the recruiting coordinator for the team.

"I love athletes who buy into the dreams we sell here in M-Town," Coach Aki said. "I told these players, listen, five years from now, you will be in the NFL or CFL and you will make a lot of money playing the game you love. Play for us, and you won't be disappointed.

"The one recruit that I am personally excited about is Rick the Rock. That's his nickname: The Rock, because he is a strong, durable, tough-as-nails punter with a cannon of a leg. He's clutch, can down a lot of punts inside the 20, and was born in Perth, Australia and had an upbringing playing AFL. Tooji Ooji, who plays for West Coast, suggested to Rick to try playing for us and he liked what we offered him: immediate playing time and one of the premier enviroments to get a college degree from.

"Another recruit that I look forward to seeing production from is Hearst. He's got the mentality of John Nelson, our starting fullback...times 100. His grandfather used to be a professional wrestler, so he's got that tough, fierce bloodline in him. He's a winner and someone that thirsts for success. That physical instinct, that...cutting edge, if you will, is a prerequisite for success when playing for our team.

"Finally, Nick's got the gift. He's the total package and shares the same name as his grandfather, an outstanding AFL played who donned the jumper of the Sydney Swans. He's got the speed, the tackling physique, and the resilient nature of his granddad, and he is also a Swans supporter, too. We've been recruiting a lot of players from Australia, so it's nice to know that a fellow Commonwealth country is turning out to be a pipeline of talent for our team. It really goes a long way."

Mitakihara host the Penn State Nittany Lions on Aug. 24, 2052 at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Kickoff is scheduled for 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET and will be televised by The Mtn., City, TVA Sports, and NHK and BBC online.

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