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Madoka's Arita breaking through early and fast

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Madoka's Arita breaking through early and fast

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
September 14, 2050

The emphasis for the Mitakihara University Associated Students, or MadokASI, has been to deliver winners on and off the field. Recently, a budget was approved to incorporate more money into the athletic department, specifically the football team. Led by the Four Freshmen—MadokASI President Sakura "Kuroyukihime" Kuroda, MadokASI Vice President and Homecoming Committee Chair Fuuko Kurasaki, MadokASI Treasurer Chiyuri Kurashima and MadokASI Chief of Staff Mihaya Kakei—sweeping reforms have been made to emphasize the wishes of the student body.

The biggest beneficiary to the new budget and the increased investments to Magi Football are a couple of fellow freshmen: quarterback Haruyuki Arita and wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi. This season, after just three games, Arita has passed for 1115 yards and 25 touchdowns while rushing for 537 yards and seven scores. Despite a pudgy 5'5", 400-pound frame, Arita's shiftiness and power as a runner are a major asset to Mitakihara's ambitions of recapturing its Four Corners.

As for Mayuzumi, he has been the primary receiver for the Magi passing game. Through three games, Mayuzumi has caught 23 passes for 422 yards and 17 touchdowns. His soft hands and graceful mobility mixed with blinding speed and exceptional reliability has left defenses guessing what route he will run next.

"The HaruTaku pair has been trending nationally and internationally on Twitter," said Kurasaki from her office at the Madoka Union. "The case for Haru to win the Heisman is also trending. It's a major phenomenon, and we're just three games in. But it's not just the pass-catch combination that defines this team. Our halfbacks and fullbacks are fast, strong and can make great plays on the air and on the ground.

"I think we've been treated to performances from one of the most well-rounded American football teams out there. Even if we were to play 12-on-12, the outcome would still be the same because there isn't much of a dropoff in terms of the dynamics.

"If you guys don't know by now, Hime also writes for the Daily Magi. She contributed under the pen name 'Sakura Honda'. Just wanted to let you know. Anyway, I think the best is yet to come from Haruyuki and Takumu, and the fans and students should enjoy this season because it's only getting started."

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