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Mitakihara tertiary logo unveiled

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Mitakihara tertiary logo unveiled

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
October 17, 2051

The new third logo of Mitakihara University Athletics was unveiled at a special ceremony at Tsukino Centre today. It is known as the Script Madoka, and is the nickname of the university, and the name of the founder, Dr. Madoka Kaname, in script writing. The logo will be used on merchandise and will heavily used by the baseball and softball teams.

The football team will wear special helmets with the script Madoka on October 28 against the Fresno State Bulldogs, to go with their alternate uniforms. The Marching Ultimates will debut the Script Madoka formation as a regular part of their pregame shows on the 28th. Merchandise with the new logo has been sold out and new shipments will not come into the Madoka Bookstory until next week. Longtime Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname believed that a script logo for the school was long overdue.

"If we want to have some sort of throwback theme, we can use this logo but it's really a new logo that looks old and vintage," said Coach Kaname at the event. "We want to have that traditional varsity feel to our games. This logo makes us feel more like we've been established in the last century, rather than in 2011.

"I know that merchandise of Script Madoka has been sold out, and that's good to hear. Our players love this new logo, and the reaction has been rather positive. So we're excited to have this identity as our third logo."

Also at the event, the new women's cheergirl uniforms were unveiled. The hotpants uniforms from before will be retired and used by the Puella Magi women's volleyball team exclusively, both in regular and abbreviated forms. There will also be no secondary cheergirl uniform. Due to a portion of the cheerleading team's budget being redirected to academic concerns, there will be one uniform used by the cheergirls. The men's cheer uniform remains unchanged.

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