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Mitakihara's offense getting a makeover

Mitakihara's offense getting a makeover

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
August 15, 2051

The days of the Puella Magi Option may soon be coming to an end at Mitakihara University. New Mitakihara Magi football offensive coordinator Mio Hanesaki has been collaborating with head coach Tatsuya Kaname on new ways to deliver results. The idea was this: to combine the trends of the now with the heritage of the past here to come up with something new.

"You never want to have too much of the same old, same old because the opponents will know how to stop you at some point in the timeline," Hanesaki explained from her office at Hakurei Centre. "So, I asked Tatsuya, why don't we combine the Puella Magi Option's legacy and mix it with some other new trends?

"The spread option is now the norm at a lot of universities in North America, and in the high schools, the Shotgun Wing-T is making a furious comeback. Why don't we come up with a system that combines the past with the present to form something exciting for the future?

"We had to give our new multiple-option system a name. At the suggestion of Tatsuya's wonderful sister, who is the chancellor and founder of the university, we call this new package 'Hikari Furu,' or Arrow of Light. Our players will shine with so many different looks and styles like arrows of light in this package.

"You've got the wingbone, flexbone, wildcat, wishbone, I-formation, pistol, shotgun and a little Maryland I thrown in. Our players love the new system because it's a bit of fresh air, given that we've 40 years of the same offense thrown in. The fans will love seeing the playbook opened up wide for the first time in over four decades."

The players were given six weeks to digest a 37-formation playbook comprising of 378 different plays. As students of the game, it was a learning curve that involved a lot of paste-eating (tomato paste, that is, for pasta and lasagna, i.e. brain food) but in the end, the players feel confident that they could run the new system with ease against South Carolina on the road to start the year.

"This is something I've never experienced: this deep of a playbook," said quarterback Haruyuki Arita. "So many formations, so many plays, so many variations...I think I might be making a few mistakes but I hope it won't be too much."

"I think we can manage," said fullback John Nelson. "We know that the NFL playbooks are very deep and this is just to teach us the diverseness of football strategy, so this is a good thing. We'll be ready for South Carolina, for sure."

"I don't think the Puella Magi Option died this year," said wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi. "It simply went through a wonderful, exciting transformation. THIS is now our Puella Magi Option. We can't wait to put this to work."

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  1. The spread option is a good choice, it is something I am very familier with :) Me and the Warriors use a rather old-school offensive style: the Run and Shoot (Effctionately called the Spear and Arrow offense)