Thursday, August 29, 2013

New album from Kazero Wingman released

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New album from Kazero Wingman released

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
January 12, 2052

The fourth studio album from Kazero Wingman has been released, entitled "Everyday Highway." Recorded in December 2051 at M-Town Studios in downtown Mitakihara Town, B.C., "Everyday Highway" is the project of three years of touring and composing music during their tours. It's the band's first album in four years and also includes a few covers from decades past.

"So far, the band has toured in every major continent, and our previous album, 'Forever', is Diamond in a number of countries and triple-Platinum in several others and also won Grammy Album of the Year in 2049," said lead singer and guitarist Kazero Otonashi, a former linebacker for the Mitakihara Magi. "The MadoPhil assisted us with the production of this album and we're glad how it turned out.

"Our listeners will see a much smoother sound from us this time around, so as to be effeminate in nature."

Everyday Highway is out on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

Track List:

1. Never Going Back
2. Ashes
3. Seven Nation Army
4. Black And White Town
5. Inches
6. Don't Abandon
7. Fracture
8. Spyglass
9. She Told Me, I Swear
10. Hot Seat
11. Let Me Blow Your Mind
12. Triple Threat (Those Were The Days)
13. Character
14. Stairs
15. Everyday Highway
16. You Poor Thing
17. Same As Last Week
18. Run It Up
19. Call Me In The Morning
20. Los Angeles
Bonus Track: Sugar Sugar

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