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"No one should sleep on the Aggies": Kaname

"No one should sleep on the Aggies": Kaname

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
December 3, 2050

This week, the No. 8-ranked New Mexico State Aggies defeated the No. 25-ranked Idaho Vandals 79-28 at Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Aggies are coached by 39-year old Brett Graham, a young first-year coach with a knack for delivering fun to college football. And their offensive coordinator is 59-year old Chie Yoshioka, a student of the Puella Magi Option attack popularized by Mitakihara Magi coach Tatsuya Kaname. 

With the result, the Aggies are now 12-0 but do they deserve one of the big bowls, namely, the BCS National Championship? Coach Kaname thinks so.

"Oh, no question, New Mexico State may be one of the more underrated, if not THE underrated, football team of this season," said Coach Kaname from his office at Hakurei Centre. "Nobody saw these Aggies coming. They are a solid team, a well-round team, coached by a rising star in his profession. Suddenly, Las Cruces is becoming an overnight powerhouse of football, and that's good.

"They play, however, in a conference that doesn't get any automatic invitations to a BCS bowl game and because of where they play, they are not going to be in the BCS National Championship since there are so many teams above them, including my guys. So naturally, they are going to feel like they have been hard done by the system and they will be saying, 'Hey, why not us? Why not New Mexico State?'

"See, what I'm grateful for is that the Mountain West gets an automatic invitation because we are considered the premier mid-major conference in the Western United States and the conference champion gets a Rose Bowl bid. I would suggest that if the Aggies want to get a better shot at qualifying for a BCS bowl, they need to move to our conference or they will be looking at New Orleans Bowl invitations left and right.

"So, really, it's up to the New Mexico State athletic department to see what they want to do regarding this issue because it's really up to them. In any case, no one should sleep on the Aggies."

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