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Okita to retire as archery coach at end of season

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Okita to retire as archery coach at end of season

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
October 10, 2050

At the age of 56, Mitakihara Magi archery coach Dr. Sawa Okita has witnessed archery evolve into an NCAA-sanctioned sport. Since 2019, Dr. Okita had been the head coach of the team and since the NCAA sponsored archery as a sport in 2025, the Magi and Puella have won the men's and women's team championships, giving Mitakihara 48 team titles in archery alone.

The 2050-51 season will mark her final year coaching Magi and Puella Magi Archery and at the end of the college sports season, she will hand the reins over to her son, Jeffrey Shin'ichi Tanaka.

When asked of her legacy as the coach, Dr. Okita simply smiled.

"I've done all I could to coach this program, and I wanted to make our archery team the finest in collegiate athletics," Dr. Okita said. "I'm not only a coach, but I'm also a mother and a grandmother. It's been a great wide, a wonderful, enriching ride, but there comes a time where I cannot do any more and I do not need to, because I have a different calling in mind at this point in my life.

"I own a horse stable on the island, called Tari Tari Stables. A number of champion thoroughbreds are being bred here in Canada, and Tari Tari is leading the way. My dream now is to be the breeder and owner of a horse that can win the Triple Crown, the Melbourne Cup, the Takarazuka Kinen and all the other major races around the world.

"Horse racing was my second passion, after my dreams of riding horses went up in smoke when I was young. The horses at my stables have seen success at country fairs and minor racecourses in Canada, but I have bigger ambitions, and to reach those ambitions, I will leave command of the archery teams to my son, who was a member of the team and won individual titles as a member of the men.

"I have no doubts in my mind that Jeff is going to succeed as the next coach of the archery team and continue the tradition that began many years ago at this wonderful institution. The future is bright for archery at Mitakihara."

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