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Saito Library: home to the largest [literary] porn collection in Canada

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Saito Library: home to the largest [literary] porn collection in Canada

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
November 30, 2051

Saito Library is the largest of the libraries at Mitakihara University and is home to the largest collection of literary pornography imaginable. The section of the library where the smut is located are the 6th through 10th lower level floors, called "The Blue Wings." There are 50 million bound volumes and 5 million microform volumes, making Saito Library the largest. Combined with the other libraries, that amounts to 100 million bound volumes and 20 million microform volumes.

However, 10 million of the bound volumes at Saito are pornography. Access to the volumes for checkout and/or viewing requires valid age identification. The adult works comes from many parts of the world, with a plurality based in Japan, specifically doujins and eroge. Other literary porn include works from the West.

Don Fraser-Malloy of nearby Victoria, B.C. is a librarian at Saito and manages the Blue Wings. Fraser-Malloy has been a member of the university staff since 2039 and monitors the business going on inside the library. A majority of the frequenters are male, overweight and single.

"Most of the students come to the Saito Blue Wings as an escape from the rigors of the academic program here at Madoka," Fraser-Malloy said from his office on the second floor. "But a number of customers just come here for their sex fix.

"I've had many students confess their tendencies and their types. Some are lolicons, others like middle-aged women, some are partial to maids and mikos, others aspire for their own harem. And the list goes on and on, but the point I'm trying to make is that it's a diverse mix of students that check out the dirty books here.

"Consequently, this is the section where students tend to check out books longer than they should. I've had to impose heavy late fees on some students. In recent years, students have been smart to not hang on to a volume longer than two weeks, or rather, just read the volume from the library without checking it out.

"I've gotten a lot of positive reactions regarding the volumes here. The highest, peculiarly, have come from the University President, Ms. Akemi, who comes here whenever she doesn't have anything to do. I've tried to accomodate her schedule by offering her the option of having the books she wants sent to her via runners, but she has declined the offer.

"Ms. Akemi may be the one single patron that loves the Blue Wings more than any student or faculty member of administration member. She often tells me that the works of these authors that are highlighted remind her of her younger days. It brings her virility and optimism back. It gives her hope the same way Dr. Kaname, her wife, does.

"We try to add more volumes but space issues have meant that we may need to either add a new floor or invest more into microforms."

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