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Sam Harris transferring to South Carolina

Sam Harris transferring to South Carolina

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
January 17, 2017

Mitakihara Magi left end Sam Harris will be donning the colors of the Rose, Pink and White no longer. The 6'3", 278-lbs freshman from Homeland Park, S.C. elected to transfer to South Carolina, citing homesickness. The loss comes at an inopportune time for the team, who will be missing some depth on the defensive line.

"You've taught me to always go with my heart...and my heart says to move on," Harris said in a face-to-face meeting with Magi head coach Tatsuya Kaname today at Hakurei Centre.

"We are very disappointed that Harris chose to not make the most of his time here and transfer to South Carolina because this means his chances of winning a national championship have essentially evaporated," Coach Kaname said in a press conference regarding Harris's transfer. "While we wish Harris all the best in what in does, he is no longer considered part of the Mitakihara Family and will need to prepare to depart Canada as soon as possible.

"This will be a massive boost to those freshman who will be filling in the left end position next summer. We have a strong recruiting class coming in and it's my hope that we will be able to win the national championship undisputedly because splitting national titles isn't something we're accustomed to."

The Magi will schedule the South Carolina Gamecocks this coming season as a consequence of Harris's decision.

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