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Scouts sent to four different games

Scouts sent to four different games

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
October 3, 2051

The coaching staff of the Mitakihara Magi football team will now send out scouts to four different games, according to head coach Tatsuya Kaname, to check the caliber of opponents. The scouts are all local volunteers on the Roseluck Arrow Boosters and Men About Town and have tenure in terms of membership.

The scouts will be sent to Lincoln, Nebraska (Penn State vs. Nebraska); Boulder, Colorado (USC vs. Colorado); Athens, Georgia (Missouri vs. Georgia); and Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia State vs. Georgia Tech). The decision came after the Magi were placed fifth in the recent Coaches' Poll and fourth in the recent AP Poll.

"I find it hilarious that a team that beat an FCS opponent is placed as the No. 1-ranked team in all of college football," said Coach Kaname when asked of the scouting missions. "So, it's time for us to see if these opponents ahead of us are actually that good. We will keep sending out scouts until we are back at No. 1 in the polls. Afterwords, it's at the coaches' discretion."

"This is a great chance to learn about scouting opponents," said Robert Campbell, a 10-year member of the Men About Town. Campbell is sent to scout Georgia Tech. "Hopefully, we leave our destination impressed by what we see."

"USC might be the team we end up facing at the end of the season, but even that might be a stretch," said Erin McManus, a member of the Roselucks for six years. She is sent to scout the Trojans against the Buffaloes. "They may get in the national championship while we don't. It's still early in the season, so anything can happen."

"I find it surprising that we are scouting opponents this early," said Ed Jacobus, a member of the MATs since 2047. "Perhaps we're really brought in to hex those opponents ahead of us. At least the University is paying for everything here, including flight and hotel. I guess I'll enjoy the trip, then."

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