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Sloppy game in the rain sees Madoka whip Penn State

Sloppy game in the rain sees Madoka whip Penn State

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
August 27, 2050

There were plenty of good plays and plenty of bad plays, but in the end, it was decisive as ever. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi kicked off the 40th season of Magi football with a massive 209-14 thumping of the Penn State Nitttany Lions.

"This was a good victory, but one thing I was not very pleased with was our special teams," said Coach Kaname after the match, "First of all, our returners were trying to do too much lateralling the ball on punt returns. That is something I have never seen my team do in the history of my time coaching this team. Pitching the ball is something our players on offense do. Never the returns teams. That's that.

"Secondly, our kicker, Chris Lawson, uncharacteristically struggled with his field goals kicking. It doesn't matter what the conditions are; on this team, you need to make your kicks. He made nine of them, but he also missed six. If Chris wants to win the Groza, obviously he needs to shape up or we may have to make a change regarding our kicking personnel because that's just unacceptable. 

"Sophomore slump? I don't believe in such nonsense as that. This was simply a poor night of kicking from Chris. I've already talked to our special teams coach [Florence Southwick] about the issue regarding Chris's lack of consistency. He'll talk with him about this during out next practice. Sophomore slump is just a term you members of the media, the analysts of ESPN and TSU use to drive viewership. 

"I'm not gonna fall for that. No, seriously. I won't."

Freshman quarterback Haruyuki Arita passed for 359 yards and nine touchdowns while rushing for 219 yards and three more scores. His favorte passing target? Freshman wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi, who caught 10 passed for 246 yards and eight touchdowns. Backup quarterback Reggie Miller ran for 199 yards and five scores, halfbacl Tommy Washington ran for 242 yards and a major, halfbaclk Rob Wade ran for 185 yards and four touchdowns and fullback Zach Howe rushed for 75 yards and two touchdowns.

Freshman wide receiver Trey Lester, who made no catches in the game, led the blockers with 21 pancakes, while wideout Timothy Fernando added 20. Another freshman, defensive tackle A.J. Meyers, had a feast night with 10 tackles and eight sacks. Left end Chris Stephens had six sacks, left outside linebacker Myron Nash had five and right end James Curtis added four.

Despite converting nine field goals and converting all of his extra points, kicker Chris Lawson will need to avoid another 9-for-15 performance if he wants to be under consideration for the Lou Groza Award.

Mitakihara improve to 1-0 and host the Notre Dame Fighting Irish next week in the Battle of the Angels.

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