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Sloppy performance from Madoka in 131-17 win over Colorado State

Sloppy performance from Madoka in 131-17 win over Colorado State

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
October 7, 2051

It was a quieter performance from Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, who routed the Colorado State Rams, 131-17, at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Turnovers plagued the Magi late in the game, but it was made up with a couple of safeties in the fourth quarter by the Morning Rescue defense. 

Quarterback Haruyuki Arita passed for 248 yards and a touchdown, but it was the ground game that told the story. Halfback Marques Murray ran for 277 yards and four touchdowns, halfback Fred Jackson ran for 270 yards and four majors and wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi ran for 126 yards and a score. Three others players also earned a touchdown on the ground.

One of those was wide receiver Trey Lester, who led the receivers with five catches for 118 yards. Mayuzumi also led the blockers with 27 pancakes. On defense, defensive tackle Laron Wright and middle linebacker Jeff Nakazawa had 11 tackles each. Wright also had five sacks, while J-Nak added an interception. Cornerback James Reyes led the ball hawks with three picks, while left end Ryan Morris had two sacks.

"I am wondering whether or not we should continue with using Hikari Furu because Haru loves to pass the ball," said Coach Kaname after the game. "I think what we're going to do instead is alternate between this set, the old offense and spread-ops just to see what we are comfortable with. As for the defense, we're committed to sticking to Rescue for the long haul."

Madoka improve to 6-0 and host Nevada next week.

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