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Back to the ol' bread and butter as Madoka punish Fresno

Back to the ol' bread and butter as Madoka punish Fresno

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
November 1, 2053

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi went back to the option after airing it out for weeks on end and it resulted in an easy 108-7 victory for the Magi over the Fresno State Bulldogs at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Quarterback Haruyuki Arita led the way, passing for 83 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 208 yards and six more scores.

Halfback Michael Wilkerson was an effective changeup, rushing for 61 yards and a score. Backup quarterback D.W. Hinoi, fullback Hearst Helmsley and halfback DeMarcus Washington also had a major on the ground. Washington led all receivers with three catches for 31 yards and a touchdown and wide receiver Jon James also added another receiving touchdown.

Wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi led the blockers with six pancakes, while defensive end Ryan Hodge paced an aggressive pass rush with six sacks. Cornerback Gir Todafunk also returned an interception 19 yards for a touchdown.

"Yeah, we decided to take it easy this week and focus on the run," Coach Kaname said after the game. "We've spent a lot of weeks passing the ball and while it's nice to see our three top receivers vie for the Biletnikoff, our ground game is the reason why we have been successful. As I said many times before, we want balance, and today, we were able to established a balanced attack.

"It would have been really good for us if we didn't let up at the end, but I support it was sportsmanlike on our part to let Fresno State score late."

Mitakihara improve to 8-0 and now embark on a three-game road trip, starting next week against San Diego State.

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