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"Burning the American Flag Must Stop": Madoka

"Burning the American Flag Must Stop": Madoka

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
January 12, 2053

This week, Mitakihara University Chancellor, Dr. Madoka Kaname, addressed to students at a pancake breakfast at the Madoka Union of a recent issue that had gone unreported for the past five years. The issue: the burning of hundreds of American flags on the Friday before the Homecoming Game.

"I am here to address you all of the issue regarding the burning of the American flag prior to Homecoming Day," said Dr. Kaname at the breakfast. "This was not brought to me until prior to the BCS Championship Game at Stanford. I have had to step away from watching my brother coach the team to investigate this occurence, which had gone on unreported for the past five years, which is extraordinary by my observations.

"As Canadians, we value our friendship and solidarity with the United States of America. We share many of their ideals and values, although there are some where we do take a different stand on. Burning the American flag is the biggest sign of disrespect one can give to our neighbors. It sets off the wrong impression that we are youth that are against what the United States stands for.

"Perhaps you are inspired by the anti-American acts of defiance that take place around the world. Or your may be showing your appreciation for Canada in the most extreme way imaginable. Let me remind you: this is not the Middle East, nor a country that is strongly opposed and condemning of America. This is Canada. We love and respect our neighbors. We don't burn their flags.

"Therefore, the University has issued this order, which will be added to the Law of Madoka immediately: the burning and desecration of flags of any country or political entity is prohibited and is subject to immediate administrative action at the discretion of the administration of Mitakihara University, with the most severe punishment being immediate and permanent academic dismissal from the University and all academic records expunged hereafter. It is important that student report these and any other related acts of violence to the Mitakihara University Police or local law enforcement immediately so that appropriate action will be given.

"A final reminder: freedom of expression is guaranteed at this university but must not be abused in this fashion. All law enforcement agencies on Vancouver Island; the city of Canberra, Australia; the Greater Vancouver Area; the city of Squamish and the city of Mitakihara Town, Japan have been informed of this global policy and will prosecute students associated with the Mitakihara University System who willingly burn or desecrate flags for political purposes or otherwise to intimidate in any form whatsoever."

The flag burning event during Homecoming is not sanctioned by the Mitakihara University Associated Students, Incorporated (MadokASI).

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