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Hashside Cafe a hip place to eat at the Square

Hashside Cafe a hip place to eat at the Square

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
September 17, 2052

The Hashside Cafe opened in February of 2051 and has rised to be one of the finest restaurants in Canada serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's specialty: 100 different types of hash, which is a combination of meat, vegetables and other tasty tidbits wrapped up together. Normally, it's associated with corned beef, and corned beef is on the menu as The Original, but Hashside is known for thinking outside of the box.

Clarence "Chaz" Beamer, a member of the Mitakihara University Class of 2048 from Kelowna, B.C., is the owner and head chef of the establishment. He earned a Bachelor's in Restaurant Management from Madoka and has been putting it to good use. His wife, Suzanne Beamer, is also a member of the Class of 2048 and works as a part-time waitress on weekends when she is not working as a schoolteacher at Urobuchi Primary School in south Mitakihara Town.

"I love cooking hash because it's a dish that goes well with any occasion: be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it, it's ubiquitous," Beamer said during his off-shift at Hashside. "I fell in love with the book Hashcapades and used that as the foundation for the rotating menu of entrees at Hashside. All of our staff members are trained to cook these dishes and many hail from culinary arts schools across Canada.

"At Hashside, we don't cut corners. Everything is locally grown and raised, is organic, and all entrees, side items and desserts are made from scratch. We procure most of our ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to cut costs, except for our poutine-based items, which come from Quebec. We have partnerships with local farmers in the St. Lawrence River Valley, who provide our dairy products and the ingredients for our poutine gravy.

"We stress the need for continuous research and development for the right tastes, the right flavors, the right textures, and so on and so forth. Our customers are very important to us. If there is something wrong and we need to improve it, we do so with a focus so strong and so resilient that keep coming back. Hashside has grown into a hangout for a lot of the hipster students at Madoka. We are Wi-fi accessible, and on the weekends, this restaurant is packed.

"Finally, we've earned a number of awards for our cuisine. Michelin even went out of their way to give us a star, which is something we take seriously. For the Michelin Guide to put Hashside Cafe on their list of the finest restaurants in the's the product of months and months of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to providing a unique experience that makes this city so special."

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