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"I spread my love across the country": Nakazawa

"I spread my love across the country": Nakazawa

By Jeff Nakazawa
Special to The Daily Magi
January 10, 2053

My name is Jeff Nakazawa, the starting middle linebacker for the Mitakihara Magi for the past three seasons. I have enjoyed my time at Mitakihara University, learning from some of the world's finest professors. I elected to major in East Asian Studies because after my professional football career is over, I want to go into researching the civilizations of Japan, Korea and China, by participating in fellowships there. Ultimately, I want to earn an Ph.D. and help my family.

I'm a person that preaches the benefits of love and spreading it around those who need it. Charity, donations to the poor, helping neighbors out if you can financially sustain it...that's one form of love. But the intimate form, the passionate sexual form...that is another thing that I promote, so long as it's spread safely and responsibly.

[Image: y4ev.jpg]

I like my girls a little bit older. Not as in MILFs, but as in women who are just a few years older than me. Karen Kujou is a recent graduate of Mitakihara who is pursuing a Master's of Education here. She wants to eventually earn her Ph.D. from Stanford, although that may be a long ways away. Dr. Asuna Yuuki, who is someone I am a colleague of, has been telling me that she wants Karen to be the next provost of the main campus.

I'm like, are you serious? That's what I said when I was talking with her last month about the possibility. Karen will earn her Master's at the end of the following year. Basically she earns her Master's the same time I wrap up my Bachelor's in East Asian Studies. Anyway, Dr. Yuuki said, "I am. I see something positive about her. It could be her thought process, her concerns for the way we teach, or the way she also manages the teachers by offering some solid suggestions to run the classes better. Offering constructive, effective feedback to our professors is a hallmark of being in the position I am now."

I talked to Karen about this, and she said, "Don't worry, Jeff. If I do get the position, I'll make sure to do my best." Karen's a sweet angel, born from a wealthy family in England. She is part Japanese and part British and was raised in the West End of London. Whenever the two of us are in bed, we engage in some sweet talk. I am in love with Karen. In the apartment where I room with her in, we have some of the most amazing moments of heat, of pleasure, of passion. And it really helps us perform at our best because we commit ourselves to being there for each other. 

Once we graduate, we're going to get married and start a family. Karen's been talking with her good friend Alice Cartelet and her wife Shinobu Oomiya. They and a few others went on a scouting mission for the football team not too long ago and Karen told me all about it. Alice and Shinobu have a baby on the way. Alice is the mother, and the child is a girl. In some rare instances, such as that of Coach Tsuruta, the iPS baby via Madocoit is a boy. But usually, it's just another girl. The baby will arrive in February and will be born on the same day as the birthday of the incumbent university president, Ms. Homura Akemi.

I always idolized Ms. Homura's perversion, that uniquely lecherous nature that comes from being the wife of the chancellor. Every time she gets the chance, she wants to pleasure the one she loves, so as to get the shot of energy she needs to be her best. The funny thing about this is that Dr. Kaname doesn't mind it, even though it is embarrassing and pleasurable at the same time. I suspect she wants those feelings that only Ms. Homura could give her.

There are times that when I chat with Ms. Akemi, she talks about the moments where she did take pleasure in pleasuring Dr. Kaname decades ago. I can talk about those moments ad nauseum on this article, but I figure that you writers at the Daily Magi will not publish it because the amount of blood lost would be life-threatening. So I will play it safe and just tell you that with the love she shared with Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi would not be the successful woman, mother and grandmother that she is now.

Even in her mid-50s, Ms. Homura likes to rummage though the albums of pictures of when she was a young offensive coordinator and she was in heat like Dr. Kaname was and fantasize about being young again. You know, you're only young once, and once you have kids like Madoka and Homura have, you just can't go back. To this day, Dr. Kaname fuels the fire of hope that burns in Ms. Homura. She will be with her until the times comes for her to go, so they will remain united, even in heaven.

Dr. Kaname, the sister of my coach, and Ms. Homura inspire me to succeed and being a man and a husband. So I take care of Karen the best way I can. I always listen to her advice, I take care of some of the cooking and cleaning, and I even run errands with her. When I am on the field, I dedicated my game to Karen because I want to share in her future and consummate with her in a desire to have children that will grow up to be as successful as we have been.

I want to close off my special article for you wonderful readers of The Daily Magi and the Mitakihara Magi Football blog with a personal message to my fiancee, soon to be wife.

Karen, darling, the lover of my life, my little English flower that blooms on the coastlines of the great country the world calls Canada...I am on the cusp of completing my education at a university whose foundations are love, hope, solidarity and eternal grace. I promise to you, so help me Madoka, that the 2053 Mitakihara Magi Football Team will win the National Championship and bring glory once again to the jewel of this beautiful nation that I call home, and you adopt as yours. And when we graduate, and we walk down that aisle with the flowers blooming around, the people laughing and cheering and smiling and the skies a crystal shade of blue, I guarantee you, I promise you...the ceiling can't hold us.

That is my message.

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