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It's Official: Haruyuki Arita is BACK!

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It's Official: Haruyuki Arita is BACK!

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
December 10, 2052

Mitakihara Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname got the phone call he was hoping from quarterback Haruyuki Arita early this morning in his office. Arita now has the medical clearance to play football again, according to Dr. Ruiko Saten, the team physio. In addition, backup quarterback Dylan Maxwell recovered from his strained shoulder.

"This is awesome news, times two," Coach Kaname said via phone interview to ESPN. "We got our depth back. We were hoping that The Pig would be back and ready to go and now that he officially recovered from his strained back, he's ready to get out there and contribute to the team."

Arita was named to the All-Mountain West Conference First Team and finished top five in the Maxwell and Walter Camp voting, despite only playing four games. The Pig finished runner-up in the Maxwell vote to halfback D.W. Hinoi, who assumed the quarterback role for most of the season.

"First off, I am relieved that Haru is ready to play again," said Hinoi from an interview at Hakurei Centre for Sports Excellence. "Now I can go back to play my normal position, something I couldn't do for the the last few months. He's really important to our team and it sucked that his season was cut short by injury.

"All of us are rallying behind The Pig because even though John [Nelson] and Brian [Brown] are the captains by name, the real leader is Haruyuki, and we need him to deliver. So again, this is awesome news. About time, too."

"We can't wait to play the football team from the best American sports university in Stanford," said wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi. "We think of us as the Stanford of Canada because we have greeks, we have geeks, and we have student-athletes who are both. Academically, we make the grade with flying colors. Athletically, we are number one. And all the trophies and plaques we've earned over the years says it all.

"When we don the Rose, Pink, and White, we're committing ourselves to defending the honor of something special. We do this for ourselves, for our students and fans, for our administration and faculty, for our city, our province, Canada, and for the chancellor. You all know who she is. To me, our chancellor embodies the spirit of our university and may as well be the personification of our university.

"And when we head to Miami, we're going to go out there and show the world once again why we are still The Best College Football Team in All of College Football. In the words of Bart Scott, Can't Wait!"

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