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Nagisa Momoe hired as Senior Associate AD for Madoka

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Nagisa Momoe hired as Senior Associate AD for Madoka

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
September 25, 2052

Nagisa Momoe, a member of the Mitakihara University Class of 2028 and a graduate of the USC Law School in 2032, was hired today as the new Senior Associate Athletic Director, making her the right-hand woman to Athletic Director Mami Tomoe. Momoe was introduced at a press conference at Kaname Hall, in which local and national press were invited.

"Nagisa is a great hire for us and someone that I am confident will be a worthy successor to my position," Ms. Tomoe said at the press conference. "She holds years of administrative experience and is familiar with all of the coaches and administration here at this school. I know her personally as a close confidante and someone who shares my vision for the future of Mitakihara Athletics.

"Nagisa is a promising young administrator and has bold new ideas for promoting our sports teams. The Athletic Department is proud to have her on board as our Senior Associate Athletic Director."

"I have nothing but dreams and visions of this program being an experience for everyone to enjoy," Momoe said at the press conference. "When I decided to take on this challenge, I shared with everybody the dreams and visions of people from across the province and Canada coming to support the Magi and Puella Magi.

"I want to make our sporting events affordable and accessible to more people. No one should be priced out of watching our football and basketball teams. I want primary and secondary school students to visualize the next leap forward when they watch a sand volleyball game, or a handball game, or field and ice hockey, or even soccer and rugby.

"I dream of young children declaring our student-athletes as their heroes and role models and use their accomplishments as the inspiration to be successful themselves, both in athletics and in academics.

"And finally, I dream of our API index scored continuing to exceed the standards set by the NCAA. Our players MUST make the grade: not just win games and championships, but also win the games in the classroom: the examinations and study sessions, the projects and term papers. When the student-athletes of our Mitakihara Family take in the entire experience and graduate with the highest honors possible, then they have realized the full potential of their dreams, the full potential of taking the next step forward.

"So I hope that I am able to learn from Mami-san the roles and responsibilities of my job as Senior Associate Athletic Director, and when the time comes, I want to continue the trail that she blazed because to me, she is a tough act to follow and I look up to her more than anything and anyone I know at this university."

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