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New album from Kazero Wingman released!

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New album from Kazero Wingman released!

By Aziz Al-Hasheem
The Daily Magi
November 26, 2052

Months after the release of "Everyday Highway," the son of Tenshi strikes again. The new album from Kazero Wingman is entitled "Generations," and is a blend of covers and original numbers. Recording for the first track "Generations," a cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," took place in the most unusual of environs: the Marisa Kirisame Pyramid.

"We had to bring in a group of fans to do some chanting and clapping, to make it feel like its a sporting event or something," said lead singer and album producer Kazero Otonashi. "At the roots of it all, we are a band that likes to play disco and electronica tunes at random gigs, with a bluesy, ethereal, galactic feel.

"The rest of our album was produced at M-Town Studios and we even brought in Dr. Madoka Kaname's granddaughter Christine to cameo in another cover, ESTI's 'Zero Fill Love.' Christine did the vocal overdubs, while we did the instrumentals. Those our the only two numbers that are covers, while the rest is original work.

"The album Generations was inspired by a painting I saw at the Museum of Puella Magi, entitled 'The History of Puella Magi.' I was inspired by the history and the many famous people that were puella magi in their own right and how over all of them, our university chancellor rules them all. Madoka is the ruler of generations of magical girls, and this new album is a tribute to the goddess who friendzoned her lover, only to come back even more committed to her and perpetuate the legacy and the mystery of my alma mater.

"Even after listening to a compilation as complex as this, I can't help but start to think, and wonder..."

"Generations" is available on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

Track List:

1. Get Lucky
2. Zero Fill Love
3. Claudia, Darling
4. The Pharoah
5. Based Gods
6. Skyscraper to Nowhere
7. 180 Degrees
8. Then I Need You
9. Borrowed Time
10. Anything But
11. On A Comet
12. Starlight Ribbon (Bond Me To You)
13. Ease
14. Light Up The Arrow
15. Take A Gun To My Head
16. All I Hoped For
17. I Desire You
18. Zone and Back
19. Fine With
20. We Are No. 1 (So Kiss Me If You Dare)

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