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Bo Morrow declaring for the NFL Draft

Bo Morrow declaring for the NFL Draft

By Shinobu Kawanishi
The Daily Magi
January 10, 2056

The fallout from the 2055 Mitakihara Magi football season has begun, with one of the top players on the Magi electing to leave for the pros. Cornerback Bo Morrow was offered a chance to finish his degree, win another national title and get a shot at winning the Bednarik. Ultimately, he chose to follow the money and declare for the draft.

"My time here has been great, Coach, but I'm ready to move on," Morrow told Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname in his face-to-face meeting today.

"It's unfortunate that Bo has decided to move on, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, you know," Coach Kaname told the press after the decision made by Morrow. "We offered him everything, and he turned it down for a decision that will trigger major consequences for himself and for those who rely on him.

"We do wish Bo all the best in whatever he decides to do, but at this point, he's now on his own. If he wants to return to the university and finish his degree, he may, but he will have to do so through his own pocket as per our policy and NCAA regulations. Again, we thank Bo for his contributions to the football team for the past three years and wish him well."

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