Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D.W. Hinoi out 11 weeks with a broken collarbone

D.W. Hinoi out 11 weeks with a broken collarbone

By Steve Chan-Leung
The Daily Magi
October 16, 2054

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname could only shake his head when he heard the news regarding quarterback D.W. Hinoi. Hinoi suffered an injury late in the game against Air Force last week and will be out 11 weeks due to a broken collarbone. The news means that Jose Collier will be named third-string quarterback behing Sam Tremblay, who was made the backup to Dylan Maxwell.

"The game of football is not for the faint-of-heart," a disappointed Kaname said after the game. "Obviously, after the surgert to fix his collarbone, we told D.W. to hang in there and stay positive throughout this process. We're hoping he will be available in our bowl game, but we are not going to be too optomistic because 11 weeks is a pretty long time.

"This gives Dylan an opportunity to be a hero and finally earn the playing time that I promised him. I told him after last season that he would play in more than nine games, and now he gets to finally see that come to fruition, although it's at the expense of D.W.

"The entire team has gathered around #1 and hopefully the rest of the team will stay injury-free because we don't want to lose more players due these types of situations. If Air Force were to take any positives from this game, this is probably one of them."

Mitakihara take on the Nevada Wolf Pack tomorrow at Mackay Stadium.

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