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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 27

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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 27

By Gir Todafunk
Special to the Daily Magi
July 24, 2054

Hey everyone, how ya been. It's your best buddy, Gir Todafunk, back at it with another Weekly Column for the Daily Magi and the Magi Football Blog. In this column, I interview our starting quarterback, Douglas Wayne Daisuke "D.W." Hinoi, and he shares some interesting personal anecdotes.

Gir: Tell me a bit about yourself.

D.W.: I'm a quarterback from here in Mitakihara Town that started out as a halfback before I converted to my current position. I have a wife, Rina Hinoi, and three baby daughters, Azusa, Asuna and Ayase. They are triplets. I major in engineering.

Gir: Your wife is on the Puella Magi volleyball team and she had babies. Did she have to redshirt a season?

D.W.: Yeah, she got a medical redshirt due to maternity leave. She's now a redshirt sophomore, meaning she has three years of eligibility left. She is a libero and led the country in service aces last year.

Gir: Your nickname is "Ike Ike." How did you get that name?

D.W.: "Ike Ike" means "Go Go." I got it when I was a halfback at Mitakihara High School. I was really, really fast, had good speed and acceleration, and I was versatile. I got the team going, so long as I got myself going. That's what I'm called "Ike Ike."

Gir: Has switching to quarterback been difficult for you?

D.W.: No, not really. The reason why I switched was because Haruyuki Arita, who is now the quarterbacks coach, got injured, and his backup, Reggie Miller, saw his football career end. I was asked by Coach Kaname if I could play quarterback until Haru got back on his feet. Well, I played so well, that I finished second in the Heisman voting.

Gir: Are you motivated by getting an opportunity to win a Heisman on your own terms?

D.W.: I'm motivated by winning, period. I don't care about the Heisman, to be honest with you, because you can win the Heisman and still not end up as a National Champion. So individual honors do not interest me. I want to defend our Four Corners.

Gir: What's your favorite Japanese dish?

D.W.: Katsudon. Students in Japan, before taking a big exam, eat a big, piping bowl of katsudon, because it also means, "to win." I like to head to Itadaki Street, a restaurant on the Square, the night before any home game or exam, to eat a bowl of katsudon with brown rice. It allows me to think about the battle that will take place. And when I head to battle, ice water flows through my veins, and I get to work.

Gir: Ice water flowing through your veins? You're that composed?

D.W.: Every time I head on to the field, I put myself in a zone. Nothing else matters except the game, the roles everyone plays, and my roles. When I put myself in a zone and execute the game plan, then I treat it like I am playing in the NFL. I become a completely different person. 

Gir: How many years do you expect to play in the NFL?

D.W.: In my position, I want to play for at least 10 years then go into work outside of sports. I want to work for a local engineering firm and settle down.

Gir: Do you think coaching could be in your future, D.W.?

D.W.: Coaching is not my cup of tea. Coaches live paycheck to paycheck, and I would start out as an assistant, and even if I don't do anything wrong, I can be replaced at will. I would rather work in a job that has stability and has good pay.

Gir: If you weren't playing football, what sport would you play at Mitakihara?

D.W.: Rugby. I hear the Canadian national team needs a new flyhalf. Maybe I can help.

And that was interview with D.W. Hinoi, our new starting quarterback for the Mitakihara Magi. Next week, I investigate some of the more interesting restaurants in Victoria, just a drive down the Trans-Can. I am Gir Todafunk, Mr. Wondeful, signing off until then. You are not alone.

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