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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 42

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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 42
By Gir Todafunk
Special to The Daily Magi
November 6, 2054

Happy Homecoming Week, readers on the Daily Magi and Magi Football Blog. I am Gir Todafunk, Mr. Wonderful, with another weekly column for you guys to gripe over. I have some good news, and I have some better news, and I have some bad news. First, the good news. Oklahoma fell to TCU this weekend! Yay! Second, the better news. I earned another Player of the Week honor for my four tackles and eight interceptions. Double yay!

Now, the bad news. We were jumped in the polls for another week, this time by Iowa. They are the only team other than us to be unbeaten heading into Week 11. The Hawkeyes are facing Minnesota this week for the Floyd of Rosedale, and if Minnesota ends up winning this, I have a gut feeling we'll be leapfrogged again. I don't want that to happen, but this is all on the voters.

As for me, I just watched the rugby team slice apart Brazil. I understand Brazil have had their national rugby team for years, but Coach Yokodera's guys saw holes and they just zipped through them, left and right, boom, boom, boom. The score was 49-14 at Sakura Bowl Stadium.

I just realized that the new bullet train connecting Mitakihara to Vancouver was launched in January. That's weird. I was thinking: we have a bullet train? Is that what that bridge is? So, I got on the train on Wednesday after practice to take it for a spin, and boy, was it fast. I got to the other side in about 20 minutes.

That B.C. Bullet is really fast and efficient. May be a terrorist target, too, but I am not going to catch my breath and tempt fate. It woudn't be like me to call for something like that, it really wouldn't. And the great thing about it is that students get half-off on a round-trip ticket, as well as on the 30-day pass, so now more students can meet their families on the Lower Mainland.

So this week, our focus is on San Diego State. They've had a good season, and I do expect them to go bowling this year. I expect a good test from this team because they feel they are confident they can make history and end the winning streak we've had. Well, those things are easy said than done, so we'll see what happens.

Next week, I rank my top 10 places to surf in Canada. Yes, we do have waves. This is Gir Todafunk, Mr. Wonderful, signing off. You are not alone.

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