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Gir's Weekly Column, Volume 49

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Gir's Weekly Column, Volume 49

By Gir Todafunk
Special to the Daily Magi
January 1, 2055

Happy New Year, readers of the Daily Magi and Magi Football Blog. I am Gir Todafunk, back at it with another weekly column. We're staying at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Phoenix ahead of the game with Notre Dame. We've got a pool, cabanas, a rooftop deck, and some kickass Mexico City-style cuisine. Yes, there is plenty of Mexican food here.

Arizona is hyped up for the game. So is the offensive captain Jeremy Moses. This is a bit of a homecoming for him because he was born and raised here. So he wants to put on a show for his family. I talked with him about this and he was hyped.

"Oh man, I am excited about this game because I return home to my family and they get to see me live in person," Moses told me in an interview by the pool. "My mom Jeannette, my dad Johnny, my uncle Ben and aunt Marcy and my sister Jane all got tickets to see me play. They're excited too because it's been a while since they got to watch me in person.

"Mom's been telling me that before the game, she plans to hold a cookout and she's inviting me, but I don't know if I can attend because of team rules. Hopefully, Coach Hashida and Coach Kaname can understand my situation and allow me to spend some time with my family ahead of the game. Maybe I can even tell them how close I am to graduating.

"Every day I head on to the pitch, I have Mom, Dad, Uncle Ben, Aunt Marcy, Jane, my wife Julie and our son Spike in mind. I'm dedicated my game to all of them and I want to make them all proud. If I can deliver and win on the sixth, the whole family will party like I won the Super Bowl. One thing at a time. Can't wait to make 'em all proud."

In the last weekly column for this year, I will give my reflections on how it all panned out for the team. Don't miss it! Until then, I am Gir, Mr. Wonderful, signing off. You are not alone.

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