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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 61

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Gir's Weekly Column: Volume 61
By Gir Todafunk
Special to The Daily Magi
September 24, 2055

Hello everyone, I'm Gir Todafunk with another weekly column for the Daily Magi and Magi Football Blog. Well, we played in a rainstorm last weekend and took care of the Duke Blue Devils in one of the more quieter beatdowns you will see from us. Actually, that was more of a euthanization from what I would imagine. Whatever, we got the win, and that's what matters. This week, we got the Colorado State Rams at home, continuing a long five-game home stretch.

A lot of recruits from out here will be checking in to see us play and perform. Hopefully we can get the job done and impress them because we want them to take over for us. One of the players that I believe will be checking in this week is quarterback Dean Amakusa, the son of Kanade Amakusa and Ouka Yuuouji, a couple of alums of the university. 

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Dean, a third-year at Mitakihara High shares the same major with his third-year fiancee, Mirai Kuriyama. Both of them plan to become either nursing or biomed majors at Madoka, but only if Dean decides to enroll at the university. Mirai plans to follow Dean wherever he decides to go. Mirai's most prized possession is a sword that was formed out of her own blood. She used to use it to kill demons and protect her friends, but now she has it retired from use, and places it on a frame.

Ever since she moved to Canada to get away from horrible people in Japan that were bully her, she fell in love with Dean and they ended up eloping. Dean plays quarterback for the Angels and is a backup to Dick "Electric Six" Valentine, another quarterback that the Magi have been trying to also secure the rights to. Mirai owes everything to Dean for giving her the confidence to have a positive outlook on life. As for Dean, he treasures Mirai like she is part of him, and they are quietly planning for a future together.

If we end up getting the rights to Dean, I think we have found our successor to D.W. Hinoi, We won't have any returning quarterbacks when next season starts and Amakusa is sure to be someone that will fit the bill. He's got a good release and, if we are able to play our recruiting cards right, will be surrounded by a number of solid old and new options on offense.

Next week, I will talk about Nathan Sims and his mysterious wife, junior liberal arts major Ryuuko Matoi. I'm Gir, Mr. Wonderful, signing off. You are not alone.

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