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Leeroy Jenkins leaves Mitakihara for Nebraska

Leeroy Jenkins leaves Mitakihara for Nebraska

By Shinobu Kawanishi
The Daily Magi
January 11, 2056

More shuffling took place regarding the Mitakihara Magi football coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Leeroy Jenkins has become a hot commodity and was named head football coach at Nebraska, according to reports today. As a result quarterbacks coach Haruyuki Arita was named offensive coordinator while the soon-to-be graduating D.W. Hinoi was named quarterbacks coach after deciding not to declare for the NFL Draft.

"This is an honor for me to take over as the offensive coordinator for a school that I have nothing but boatloads of praise for," said Arita, gauged to be a Level 19 in terms of offensive coordinator skill. "I am ready to continue my work in serving this university and use it a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the future."

"I could have been a star playing professional football, but I decided to try my hand at coaching the game," said Hinoi, who will graduate with a degree in kinesiology from Mitakihara. "So I want to learn from Coach Kaname on what it means to be a teacher of the game. I can't wait to get my feet wet and help develop the next group of players."

In other news, cornerback Gir Todafunk announced that after further discussions with the coaches and with family, the star on defense known as "Mr. Wonderful" will be back for his fourth year with the team. Todafunk is the most prolific cornerback in Mitakihara Magi football history, with 128 interceptions to his credit. He won the Bednarik, Nagurski, Thorpe and Tatupu Awards last season.

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