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Magia Day 2054 a moment for Hodge, seniors to shine

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Magia Day 2054 a moment for Hodge, seniors to shine

By Steve Chan-Leung
The Daily Magi
November 17, 2054

Mitakihara Magi football left end Ryan Hodge is not one to look back on a career full of accomplishments as a defensive end. The 6'2", 256-lb stud from Cranford, N.J., named defensive captain prior to the start of this season, is one of a number of seniors to be honored this Saturday in the Magia Day game, honoring the student-athletes of the Class of 2055. This weekend, the Magi host the Wyoming Cowboys.

Hodge is a criminal justice major and has an intention of going into paralegal and pro bono work following a career playing in the NFL. He is expected to be a first-round selection, or at least an early-rounder. When asked of his experiences playing for the Best College Football Team in All of College Football, Hodge returned the Gallic shrug.

"I guess you can say that I did the work, ran the race, kept the faith and won the games," Hodge said in his interview at Madoka Gardan. "But even if this game sees us finish the job, our job is far from done. However, I do want to congratulate all the fourth-year students on all our teams for getting this close to completing their education at Madoka. You all are the best.

"Football, to me, is a way of releasing my worries and problems from previous weeks, and the leadership skills that come from being a team player are invaluable. You don't put a price tag on the types of lessons you learn in sport, in education and in life. It would be a complete selling out of who you are as a person. Those are precepts that my late father Jonas told me before he passed away when I was a first-year.

"Every day, I head to where I need to go, carrying the legacy of my father and the memories I had with him. I dedicated every game I play to my family and everybody in Cranford who watch me play on TV. I plan to finish my career a winner. Anything less than a perfect season, to me, is a failure. I will not allow that to happen on my watch. We won't.

"As a team, we are capable of finishing our year the right way, on our own terms. As a senior, it's my job to teach the younger members of the team the skills and intangibles it takes to succeed at this school. I think of the Magia Day game as a passing of the torch to the next people up, and I want them to hold it high and light the way.

"We are ready to give our faithful fans another wonderful show this Saturday."

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