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Magia Day 2055: the last call for Hinoi

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Magia Day 2055: the last call for Hinoi

By Noriko Isobe
The Daily Magi
November 23, 2055

Magia Day 2055 celebrates the student-athletes of Mitakihara University's Class of 2056, and one of them is quarterback Daisuke "D.W." Hinoi, the gunslinger known as Ike Ike by his friends and his fans. Hinoi has been a workhorse all season and is looking to add to his totals and prove to the masses why he is a player to watch out for this year. The Magia Day 2055 game pits Mitakihara against the UNLV Rebels, with the winner set to host the Mountain West Championship Game.

"I really enjoyed my time here," said Hinoi, who will be graduating with a degree in kinesiology. "The people have been nice, the atmosphere is awesome, and you just have that type of feeling that something magical is going to happen when you head out on to the field and make a play and put a smile on the face of all those people you look up to.

"Originally I was recruited as a halfback, but after Haru (now Mitakihara's quarterbacks coach) got injured, I ended up becoming quarterback in my freshman year and I have been under center ever since. I hit a snag in my junior year and had my career cut short, but ever since, I have bounced back stronger than ever. It's been such a blessing.

"My wife Rina has been an inspiration to me because she motivates me to finish my work and to keep in mind the bigger picture. Whenever I get the job done as a quarterback, she is able to get the job done as a libero and it's been a give-and-take type of deal. Both of us benefit from pushing each other to be better.

"I also credit my coaches, Coach Kaname, and also his family for motivating me to be my best in what I do. Without their support and advice on how to be better, I couldn't be better, and I wouldn't be where I am. This is a university where the people care about your success because once you leave for the real world, it's up to you to apply those skills and make a name for yourself. Here, people are on your side, and you are not alone, like their motto says. 

"So I want to thank everyone at Mitakihara University for helping me get to this point. I plan to repay them all by winning the national championship for them."

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