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Offensive sexfest sees Madoka dump 255 on Notre Dame

Offensive sexfest sees Madoka dump 255 on Notre Dame

By Noriko Isobe
The Daily Magi
August 28, 2055

Notre Dame Fighting Irish quartewrback Brandon Tyson set a new NCAA record for most passing yards in a game with 1879 yards and 13 touchdowns and Irish wide receiver Mike Pittman caught 19 passes for an NCAA record 802 yards and six touchdowns, but that was not enough to contain the onslaught that ensued in South Bend. Despite one of the worst performance in Mitakihara Magi football history in terms of pass defense, Coach Tatsuya Kaname's game plan of "We Total Football NOW" worked to perfection as the Magi crushed Notre Dame, 255-115, Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

"We were really terrible in terms of pass defense; that was not something we wanted to be proud of despite 13 interceptions," said Coach Kaname after the game. "I had to pull Gir [Todafunk] out midway through the second because he really didn't impress me in terms of covering Mike Pittman. He got burned one too many times and I decided that enough was enough, I had to pull the plug.

"I think Gir said last season that he wants to win the Heisman this year. He's gotta have a reality check. I understand his intentions but this isn't about him. It's about the team. As long as D.W. [Hinoi] is healthy, I don't think Gir will have to worry about a trophy that hasn't gone to a defensive player for as long as I can remember."

Despite all that, Todafunk had eight tackles and four interceptions, one of which was returned 97 yards for a touchdown. He also returned the opening kickoff 86 yards for a score and returned a punt 77 yards for another touchdown. In the end, it was big plays from the offense that was the spark plug for Madoka on the day.

Hinoi passed for 634 yards and 10 touchdowns and ran for 197 yards and three more scores. Halfback Michael Wilkerson ran for 198 yards and six majors, halfback Chaz Thomas ran for 220 yards and two touchdowns and fullback Stephen Atkins ran for 122 yards and another touchdown.

Wide receiver Matt Lewis has five receptions for 241 yards and four touchdowns, wideout Kevin Cronin had five receptions for 189 yards and four majors, wideout Jeff Scott had three catches for 124 yards and a score and wideout Patrick Cox had two receptions for 60 yards and two scores. Scott also led in blocking with 19 pancakes while Cox had 13.

Strong safety Nick Malceski also had a solid day on defense with six tackles and three interceptions. Halfback Brian Brooks had a solid debut as a kickoff returner, returning six kickoffs for 390 yards and four touchdowns. Fullback Hearst Helmsley also made Notre Dame's kickoff coverage looks completely silly out there with four kickoffs returned 259 yards for two more majors.

Mitakihara improve to 1-0 and continue their road trip next week against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

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