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Coach Kaname "tempted" to break out the Hyoukas again

[Image: 958m.png]
Houtarou Oreki and Eru Chitanda played a major role in the name for Madoka Magi Football's alternate uniforms.

Coach Kaname "tempted" to break out the Hyoukas again

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 13, 2058

The alternate uniforms of Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi football team, named the "Hyoukas," have done their part in dealing humilating defeats to Notre Dame, Army and Texas, in that order. With the attention now turning to conference play, there is no urgency to bring out the alternate uniforms anytime soon, but given how the players performed in them, there is a possibility that they could be broken out for all of the remaining road games this season-five in all, not including the bowl game.

"There is a story behind the Hyouka uniforms," said Coach Kaname today via videoconference. "Years ago, Houtarou Oreki, who is the father of a couple of former players here in Fuutarou and Shoutarou, was the secondary coach, and we had developed our then-new alternate uniforms, which incorporate Madoka Pink numbers, Madoka Pink text, Madoka Pink helmets and Madoka Pink pants to go with Mitakihara Rose shoulders. 

"We needed a nickname for these kits because none of us in the coaching staff had an idea. So, Houtarou goes over to us and says, 'Why don't you call these your Hyouka uniforms?' Hyouka means 'ice cream' in Japanese and these uniforms do resemble strawberry and vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce-whipped cream, nuts and a cherry optional, mind. The name originally had some critics, but when Houtarou's wife Eru Chitanda found out about this, she approved it and told me that we needed to keep calling these alternates the Hyoukas. So that's how these special uniforms got their name. They're also known as our 'ice creams.'

"We only bring out these uniforms when there is a major game involving a Top 25 opponent or if it's a really big game like a bowl game or a conference title game. But because these uniforms have been so amazingly good these first three weeks, I feel like we should wear this when we are on the road because we're on the road a lot this year. So I'm going to let the players decide on this one."

[Image: 7qdp.jpg]
"...when Houtarou's wife Eru Chitanda found out about this, she approved it...So that's how these special uniforms got their name." -Tatsuya Kaname

"I go the extra mile for Yoto": Hotaru Ichijou

[Image: duvq.png]

"I go the extra mile for Yoto": Hotaru Ichijou

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2058

Hotaru Ichijou, a sophomore liberal arts major from Tokyo, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi kicker Yoto Inokuma. Ichijou and Inokuma met each other as pen pals back in secondary school and ever since Ichijou emigrated to Canada as a high school teen, she and Inokuma have been together and are now married. There is no rush for the two of them to begin a family any time soon, Ichijou said in an interview at Your Silver Garden this week.

"Yoto and I are rooming together in the dorms because we're now married and I'm not in a rush to have a child," Ichijou said. "I would rather enjoy the time I have being with Yoto and cheering him on when he gets on the field to make a conversion or a field goal.

"Yoto is always kicking himself for not being consistent enough, for not being committed enough to make enough field goals to win the award they give out at the end of the season (the Lou Groza Award). I don't think we've ever won that in a while, but that doesn't matter to me. I have someone that really cares for me and helps me out with my classwork.

"He's such a gentlemen. Yoto always does the little things right and treats every lady with respect. He doesn't talk down to anyone, and always listens. He wants to be a good husband and allow me to have a say on things, but I always need his approval.

"Yoto knows Mitakihara more than I do. I've only been here for a few years, and he's been here longer. I love this city and Canada. I had never even tried this dish called poutine and I thought at first it was unusual, but then I started to like the dish and now it's one of my favorites. There's so many wonderful places to eat out in Mitakihara, and also in Vancover and Victoria. British Columbia just continues to amaze me with the wonderful people and hospitality. And a lot of people here speak Japanese, which is really important.

"I really hope Yoto doesn't consider turning professional and plays in the NFL after we graduate. I want him to find work here so that we can settle down. I want to be a school teacher here or a receptionist or clerk. I like the opportunities here in Canada. I don't think I would have gotten a new outlook on life without Yoto.

"So I am willing to go the extra mile myself to help both of us achieve our dreams. Football is just one part of the things that bind us together. Yoto is that special someone I can confide my future in, so if I'm willing to go the extra mile, he's ready to do the same thing. After all, he plays for the Best College Football Team in All of College Football. Who could ask for more?"

"How does Ms. Seara do it?": Coach Kaname

[Image: lcoe.png]

"How does Ms. Seara do it?": Coach Kaname

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2058

The 2058 college football season is only into Week 4, and already a slew of recruits have come in for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi. New recruiting coordinator Seara August, a sophomore sport management major, wasted no time in getting two three-star athletes, five four-star athletes, and a five-star athlete to commit themselves to the Best College Football Team in All of College Football...all in the first week.

The early signings have amazed Coach Kaname to no end. Even he couldn't fathom the effectiveness of Ms. Seara's calls.

"How does she do it?" Coach Kaname said via phone call over in Colorado Springs, where the Magi were practicing ahead of this week's game against the Air Force Falcons. "How does Ms. Seara do it? She's putting Ms. [Ricca] Morizono to school here with her calls! I am simply amazed by how she talked to the recruits and sold them on the university and the football team. We've been able to fill a number of our needs as a result.

"I took the time to listen her phone calls on Monday from Week 1, and she really sounded provocative, sensual, convincing, to the point of being titillating. One recruit even went so far as to say, 'aahhhhh, I'm coming, haaaah!' and all that, and Ms. Seara was giggling, and the recruit said, 'I'm signing! Sign my ass up, I want to give you the dick!' I'm sure he had an erupting good time from that conversation. All the calls were hilarious to listen to and the recruits were pretty fun, easygoing players.

"I am so glad we hired Ms. Seara as our RC. She is professional, sounds businesslike when she has to, sounds down and dirty when she wants to, and really hits home the selling points of this school and our football program. We were on the lookout for someone who wants to represent the interests and ideals of Mitakihara University and sell them well, and Ms. Seara just did the job with ease.

"As a result, we now have eight recruits and we have 17 more slots available, and they could be filling up fast. She's been busy arranging recruiting visits next week. We got a few players that will be checking out the school and those that committed early are also invited for a campus tour. Ms. Seara has really settled into her role and the experience she earns will come a long way towards her degree, at which she will have full control of her position.

"She doesn't need a lot of supervision, either. She's a self-starter, attention-to-detail type of person and takes advantage of the opportunities that comes to her. I think my players could learn a thing or two from her work rate, she is truly amazing!"

Week 4 2058 Preview

Father Knows Best: Madoka rout Texas, 213-69

Father Knows Best: Madoka rout Texas, 213-69

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 7, 2058

In the end, the father knew better than the son. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi beat Akiyuki Kaname's Texas Longhorns into submission, first with the run, then with the pass in their 213-69 rout at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tex. It was a much cleaner performance for quarterback Dean Amakusa, who passed for 464 yards and five touchdowns with no sacks and no interceptions while rushing for 404 more yards and eight more majors.

Backup quarterback Sam Brown ran for 159 yards and two scores, halfback Tony Kalmar ran for 145 yards and three touchdowns, halfback Joe Wilson ran for 151 yards and four majors, halfback Tukul Abdul Rahman ran for 93 yards and three scores, wide receiver Mike White caught six passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns and wideout Marques Singleton caught three passes for 125 yards and two majors.

White also led the blockers with 27 pancakes, while freshman wide receiver David Culver Page added 18 pancakes and wideout Jason Bower added 11. Cornerback Darren Kujou continued his march to a successful Bednarik defense with three tackles and eight interceptions. Cornerback Josh Joyce had six tackles and three sacks while free safety Jason Gyan led the tacklers with 10 stops.

"This was definitely a much cleaner, more composed performance from Dean," said Coach Kaname after the game. "He really felt more upbeat and more like himself this week and it showed in his effort. The only big mistake we make all game was that Hail Mary from Sam that ended up getting picked off at the end of the first half. 

"Throwing the ball deep should not be a crap shoot. This is not UNLV and I am not Sadao Mao. I am not THAT guy. Our quarterbacks need to be smarter when throwing deep and the wide receivers have to be open. That's all. It's not rocket science, it's not playing with or without house money. What I am saying is that throwing the long ball should not be akin to going all in in craps or poker. Hopefully Sam will get the message the next time he gets ready to work in the next game."

Mitakihara improve to 3-0 and continue their road trip next week against the Air Force Falcons on Sept. 14.

"It's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward": Akiyuki Kaname

[Image: jlqj.png]

"It's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward": Akiyuki Kaname

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 4, 2058

For the first time in five years, the Kanames will be on the field together, but on opposite ends. Coach Tatsuya Kaname and the Mitakihara Magi football team will be facing his son and former offensive coordinator, Akiyuki Kaname, and the Texas Longhorns in the second straight 1-vs-2 match for the Magi at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tex.

"Yeah, it's, well, gonna really be really unusual to have on the opposite sideline coaching against me so I have to hope he goes easy on my boys cause I know how he is," Coach Akiyuki said via phone conference in Austin. "I love my dad. I keep touch with him every now and then and he checks on me and Chiwa, and my younger siblings Shiro and Reika. But as I said, it's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward to have to coach against my dad.

"I believe in family first, and I've seen my two children, Stuart and Constance, graduate from Mitakihara this past spring. Stuart played on the sprint football team at Madoka as a receiver and Constance was on the volleyball team as a libero. Stuart is only 23 and he's thinking about coaching the game in the future, and I hope he does that and maybe joins Dad on the sidelines.

"I want my players to do a good job against Madoka because even with me gone, they've reloaded a lot. They just dumped over 200 points on Notre Dame and Army and I heard that their quarterback was really off the rails after he threw a third interception against the Black Knights. I have confidence that our team can force some turnovers but we're going to look for a moral victory in this one.

"Mitakihara is on a mission every year, to defend their Four Corners. I know this because I've been involved in it as a player. The important thing is to try to get close to them and hope for a few slip-ups along the way. I'm not saying that this is mission impossible, but a team this good for decades doesn't come around that often.

"I just hope Mom [Dr. Madoka Kaname, founder of Mitakihara University] doesn't scold both of us for the score being inevitably decisive. She loves both of us just the same."

Week 3 2058 Preview

"I hope you come home in a box, Slaughter": Dean Amakusa

"I hope you come home in a box, Slaughter": Dean Amakusa

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
August 31, 2058

After Mitakihara Magi quarterback Dean Amakusa threw his third interception of the afternoon to against the Army Black Knights at Michie Stadium in West Point, N.Y., he was enraged and got into a bit of a verbal spat with Magi football coach Tatsuya Kaname.

"Coach, let me throw the ball for the rest of the game until we hit 140," Amakusa told Coach Kaname.
"No, we're going to run the ball next drive," he said.
"Coach! If you don't let me throw the ball I'm quitting the team immediately! Do I make myself clear?"
"Tatsuya," said offensive coordinator Raul Chaser, "I think he's serious about this. Let him do what he wants."
"I'll talk to him about this, Tatsuya," said quarterbacks coach D.W. Hinoi. "Let him do what he wants for now. We'll just run Play No. 1 ad nauseum."
Play No. 1 is the Hail Mary. Coach Kaname eventually relented. "All right, Dean, we'll go ahead and let you do what you want."
"I am really pissed off. That son of a bitch [cornerback Donald] Slaughter needs to go down in a fire," Amakusa said. 
Amakusa eventually passed for 666 yards and 14 touchdowns in the Magi's 221-35 rout of the Black Knights. After the final 2-point conversion which made it 144-21, Amakusa went over to Slaughter and did a throat-slash gesture.
"I hope you get killed in the line of duty and go home to mama in a box, Slaughter, you piece of shit!" he screamed. "Fuck off, you bastard!" Then he went over to the players and addressed them "Hey! Guys, listen up! I want these motherfuckers KILLED! These West Point f-----s are picking off the wrong team and I want them killed. I don't care how you fuckheads do it, whether you break their elbows, collarbones, fibulas or lay the concussion treatment on them...hey, I want them killed because they are shit! We run college football and we're not gonna let these bastards stand in our way! Let's go! WHO'S WITH ME!!!?"
"YEEEEEEEAAAAH!" they all said, rallying around Amakusa.
A Mitakihara fan stood up and said to the Army boosters, "Hey West Point, you heard Dean! You don't want to piss the Authority off. We're not messing around anymore! Come after us you Yanks, if you dare!"

All in all, it was an ugly game marred by turnovers and sloppy throwing on both ends. Just like with the game against Notre Dame, everyone was a receiver: both the wide receivers and tight ends and the opposing secondary. In the end, Amakusa's 14 touchdowns to his own wideouts proved to be all the difference.

"Dean is a really, really tough competitor and he doesn't like making mistakes and he doesn't like his receivers making mistakes," Coach Kaname said after the game. "Dean and Sam [Brown] both struggled to maintain a sort of rhythm with their throwing. 

"Army's defense came to play today, without a doubt. They're pretty good. They got after us on the run, they picked off a lot of our passes and they took us off our rhythm. We were lucky to get at least 200 in this one. We'll cop it on the chin, regroup and get ready to head to Austin next week."

When a young student journalist from New York City (who will remain anonynmous in this piece) asked Coach Kaname why Madoka elected to pass the ball ad nauseum, he returned the favor with a questione.
"Young man, how long have you heard of us, let alone followed us?" he asked.
"Since last week?" the young journalist replied.
"Well. That explains a lot, doesn't it? You should know by now that running it up is something we do every game, especially when the defense is making big plays. If you have a problem with teams running up the scores, you shouldn't be a sports journalist but rather flip burgers on minimum wage in an inner city neighborhood. Now do I make myself clear, young man?"
"You are a very rude person, Coach Kaname!"
"Speak for yourself. New Yorkers are worse. And you should know this because you're from there. I will take no more further questions. Thank you." The journalist in question was eventually stripped of his credential and fired from the newspaper hours later.

Mitakihara improve to 2-0 and continue their long road trip against the Texas Longhorns next week.

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The Mystique of the Canadian Crown and the Canadian Forces

[Image: Canadian_Forces_emblem.svg]

The Mystique of the Canadian Crown and the Canadian Forces

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
August 27, 2058

The place of the Canadian Crown in relation to the Canadian Armed Forces is both constitutional and ceremonial, the sovereign of Canada being the supreme commander of the forces, while he or she and the rest of the Canadian Royal Family hold honorary positions in various branches and regiments, embodying the historical relationship of the Crown to its militia. This modern construct stems from Canada's origins as a colony of the United Kingdom and France, through 200 years of associations with the Royal Family, and is today evidenced through royal symbolism, such as crowns on military badges and coats of arms, as well as the bestowing of a royal prefix.

The role of the Canadian Crown in the Canadian Armed Forces is established through both constitutional and statutory law; the National Defence Act states that "the Canadian Forces are the armed forces of His Majesty raised by Canada" and the Constitution Act, 1867, vests Command-in-Chief of those forces in the sovereign—presently King George VII—though, the sovereign's representative, the Governor General of Canada, carries out the duties and bears the title of that position on the monarch's behalf. Since Canadian Confederation, three members of the Royal Family have been titled as Commander-in-Chief: the Duke of Argyll (1871–1883), Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1911–1916), and the Earl of Athlone (1940–1946).

Formally, there is a direct chain of command from the King of Canada to the governor general, through the Chief of the Defence Staff to all of the officers who hold the King's Commission, and through them, to all members of the Canadian Forces. No other person, including the prime minister, cabinet ministers, nor public servants is part of the chain of command; nor does any other person have any command authority in the Canadian Forces, an arrangement maintained to ensure that "the military is an agent for and not a master of the state." As such, all new recruits into the Canadian Forces are required to recite the Oath of Allegiance to the monarch and his or her heirs and successors. According to the National Defence Act, the use of traitorous or disloyal words towards the reigning King or Queen is a service offence and may be punishable by up to seven years imprisonment.

Declarations of war, the mobilisation of troops, and the organisation of the forces all fall within the Royal Prerogative; direct parliamentary approval is not necessary for such, though the Cabinet may seek it nonetheless and the Crown-in-Parliament is responsible for allocating moneys necessary to fund the military. The monarch issues letters patent, known as the King's Commission, to commissioned officers in the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Further, all regulations for the Canadian Forces are set out by the sovereign in the King's Regulations and Orders. Neither the monarch nor the viceroy, however, involve themselves in direct military command; per constitutional convention, both must almost always exercise the Royal Prerogative on the advice of the Cabinet, although the right to unilaterally use those powers in crisis situations is maintained.

Three military units comprise the Household Division, symbolically charged specifically with protecting the monarch and governor general: the Governor General's Horse Guards, the Governor General's Foot Guards, and the Canadian Grenadier Guards.

Many ceremonies and rituals of the Canadian Forces have a royal connection. For example, the military traditionally mounts what is known as the King's Guard (or Queen's Guard during the reign of a female monarch), which is made up of contingents of infantry and cavalry soldiers who are charged with guarding the royal residences in Canada and the United Kingdom. Canada has mounted the King's/Queen's Guard 12 times since 1916, including Canadian Coronation Contingents for King George VI in May 1937, for Queen Elizabeth II in May 1953 and for King George VII in May 2050. Also, whenever the sovereign or a member of his family is in Ottawa, they will lay a wreath at the National War Memorial (which itself was dedicated in 1939 by King George VI) and will do the same if at a Canadian war monument overseas.

Members of the Royal Family will also be present for other military ceremonies besides those related to any honorary ranks they hold, including inspections of the troops and anniversaries of key battles and victories, such as commemorations of D-Day. For such events, an order of precedence is followed for organising participants and according respect and honours. The official Canadian order of precedence is the only one used in relation to the military, in which the monarch takes first place, followed by the governor general, and then other members of the Royal Family. The provincial viceroys fall in at sixteenth on the list, behind the leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition. The Royal Anthem of Canada, "God Save the King," is normally played, as may be the Viceregal Salute for the governor general or lieutenant governor, if either is representing the sovereign. A Loyal Toast may also be given; it is required at all formal mess dinners and toasts the health of the monarch. Canadian Forces members and officers are required to stand during the toast and to salute any time the Royal Anthem is played. This stipulation was challenged in 2008 by an officer of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and upheld by the Canadian Forces Grievance Board, the Chief of the Defence Staff, and the Federal Court of Canada.

Week 2 2058 Preview

Big plays, heavy action in 220-80 win for Madoka over Irish

Big plays, heavy action in 220-80 win for Madoka over Irish

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
August 24, 2058

It was a lousy day to be a quarterback, a great day to be on the secondary, and an even better day to play for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, who steamrolled to a 220-80 victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind. Quarterback Dean Amakusa passed for 683 yards and 11 touchdowns, but threw four interceptions. His counterpart, Irish QB Dick Valentine, threw for 1297 yards and seven touchdowns...and 11 picks.

Based on quantity, everybody at the House That Rockne Built knew how this was going to end. Halfback Tony Kalmar ran for 240 yards and four touchdowns, backup quarterback Justin Powers ran for 233 yards and two majors, fullback Mark Moore ran for 101 yards and two scores, wide receiver Mike White caught eight passes for 262 yards and four touchdowns, wideout Jason Bower caught three passes for 218 yards and a trio of majors and wideout Marques Singleton caught two passes for 112 yards and a pair of scores.

White also led the blockers with 17 pancakes while wideout David Culver Page, a freshman, added 10 pancakes. Cornerback Darren Kujou led a ferocious pass defense with four tackles and five interceptions; right outside linebacker Elliott Prince had 11 tackles; strong safety Nobuyuki Oomiya had six tackles, two sacks and two picks; and free safety Aila Hatsuse had a trio of sacks.

The special teams was the icing on the cake as a few new faces broke through. Freshman halfback Danny Russ Hanover now does the kick returns, and he returned five kickoffs for 245 yards and two touchdowns on returns of 92 and 93 yards, respectively. Culver Page returned a punt 45 yards for a score and Kujou picked off from where he left off on special teams, returning four punts for 156 yards and two more majors.

"This may go down as our longest road trip yet," Coach Kaname said after the game. "We have four straight road games including this one, then we have a two-week break, then we have two more road games because our stadium is going through improvements. By the time Homecoming arrives, these players will have been battle-hardened and our stadium will be state-of-the-art and some, so we welcome being road warriors for once. We're also installing a pink turf to the stadium, which explains the long road trip we have. So now, our turf will look like what you see at Hakurei Centre.

"In the meantime, our players will celebrate this win and then prepare for next week's match at West Point."

Mitakihara improve to 1-0 and face the Army Black Knights on Aug. 31.

The Crown Prince of Jordan...plays football?!

The Crown Prince of Jordan...plays football?!

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2058

Yes, there is royalty that plays American football on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi. Jamal Aziz Al-Hussein bin Al-Abdullah is the future King Abdullah V, the heir to the throne of the monarchy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Born in Amman, Prince Aziz, or Aziz as he is known to as to distinguish from fellow freshman Jamal Ali Muhammad, attended a boarding school under an alias in the most unlikeliest of places: Fairfield, Iowa, where the family has some agricultural interests.

Prince Aziz plans to double-major in political science and agriculture, He has plans to help improve the agricultural situation in the country by incorporating hydroponics en masse, while continuing the legacy brought on by his father, King Abdullah IV.

[Image: ajqe.jpg]
Princess Aila, the wife of defensive tackle Crown Prince Aziz.

The man also has a wife whom he married prior to enrolling at Mitakihara, Princess Aila bint Al Abdullah, a fellow freshman political science major and a former commoner before marrying. Princess Aila is an avid cosplayer and occasionally goes to conventions in Europe. She was also a fashion model before her marriage.

"Princess Aila has been a sort of inspiration for me because she knows the reputation this university has for treating royals like regular people and nothing else," Prince Aziz said. "Here at this university, it doesn't matter where you come from. If you're here to learn and get an education, you will get the best anywhere. I wanted to go here because I wanted a change of pace.

"Mostly, I wanted to play a sport, and in particular, it's American football. I love the game of football and the excitement you get from making a tackle and making a big play. Hopefully I get my chance at becoming a star and shining bright. I'm representing the Jordanian people every time I get out there. I can't wait to get started."

Week 1 2058 Preview

2058 Preseason All-Americans and All-Conference Selections

Madoka 2058 Recruits List

2058 Mitakihara Magi Football Schedule

2058 Mitakihara Magi Football Team

2058 Mitakihara Magi Football Staff

Magi Football Coaching Staff (2058)
Head Coach: Tatsuya Kaname
Offensive Coordinator: Raul Chaser
Quarterbacks: Daisuke "D.W." Hinoi
Running Backs: Kohei Miyahara
Receivers: Ryuta Kasugano
Offensive Line: Darrell Hashida
Defensive Coordinator: Hikari Sakishima
Defensive Line: Buntarou Okabe
Linebackers: Chance Shinagawa
Secondary: Karuta Kanda
Special Teams: Ronnie Hinchcliffe
Graduate Assistant: Dan Carter
Recruiting Coordinator: Seara August

Tatsuya Kaname became a Coach Level 54 in 2022. He became a Coach Level 27 in Recruiting in 2019 and a Coach Level 27 in Game Management in 2022.

Magi Sprint Football Coaching Staff (2058)
Head Coach: Brendan Lewis
Offensive Coordinator: Jose Collier
Quarterbacks: Sam Tremblay
Running Backs: Dominique Wright
Receivers: Makoto Yasaka
Offensive Line: Jack Graves
Defensive Coordinator: Brian Robinson
Defensive Line: Steele Ainsworth
Linebackers: Thomas Pittman
Secondary: Trevon Miller
Special Teams: Yoshino Kousaka
Graduate Assistant: Micah Joseph

Team Doctor: Ruiko Saten, M.D.
Athletic Director: Mami Tomoe

Chancellor: Dr. Homura Akemi
Vice-Chancellor: Sayaka Miki
Provosts: Asuna Yuuki (Mitakihara), Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa College), Rika Shinozaki (Japan Campus), Fernandia Malvezzi (Mitakihara-Squamish)
Visitor: Rt. Hon. Mary Tremblay, Premier of British Columbia

Haruyuki Arita leaves Madoka for Penn State, Raul Chaser named OC

[Image: jhaz.jpg]

Haruyuki Arita leaves Madoka for Penn State, Raul Chaser named OC

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
January 18, 2058

A major coaching change took place today. Offensive coordinator Haruyuki Arita, who set numerous NCAA and school passing records for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, was named the head football coach at Penn State. Replacing Arita as offensive coordinator is another relative unknown from Japan by the name of Raul Chaser, a former student from the Hero School and a recent graduate of Mitakihara University. Chaser played on the spring football team as a quarterback for four seasons, leading the Magi to four straight CSFL championships.

"It was a no-brainer," said Coach Kaname. "Raul Chaser brings a strong knowledge of the game and already he has a lot of strong coaching skills that will help him as a coach. He's really good with what he can do in helping run the spread option and the Puella Magi Option. In fact, I think he may be one of the best kept secrets aroung because he's also spent time assisting the assistant coaches for the Spring football team as a player, learning how to manage the game and disseminate the game plan.

"Raul is someone that believes in the success of the players and the fact that he's only 22 means that he's got a great future ahead of him. The only issue here is because he's so young and very bright, we may not be keeping him for too long, so we'll look to work with him as much as we can."

"This is an exciting opportunity for me," said Chaser at the press conference at Mitakihara University's Hakurei Center and the rose turf. "I used to work as an assistant manager at a shop in Tokyo before moving to Canada and playing football here. I picked up the game very quickly after I tried out for the sprint football team as a quarterback and made the cut. This became my calling and now I'm settled here with my wife, Fino Bloodstone, who runs a local goods shop at the Square.

"I think the Puella Magi Option and the spread option is a two pronged package that defense have to be wary for. We could bring one offense out, or we can deliver the other. The thing about it all is that opponents have been unable to react to the system we run which is very complex and customizable. We can anticipate the defense's tendencies by calling audibles on the fly and then punishing then with the run, then changing it up with some deep passes fueled by precision timing and accuracy.

"As the new offensive coordination, it is my job to ensure that every player on offense knows their role and does it to the best of their ability. No one is sold short, no one will be sold short. When we play like a machine, and we play the game with confidence and drive, then it becomes fun and our players enjoy the game for what it's worth because gridiron football is one of the finest sports out there, whether you play it or watch it.

"This will be my way of being a hero for a school that is truly an awesome school."

Tatsuya Kaname signed with the Magi for four more seasons

Tatsuya Kaname signed with the Magi for four more seasons

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
January 16, 2058

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname will be coaching the Magi football team for four more season, according to reports from the Daily Magi. The contracts keeps Coach Kaname at least until the 2061 college footbal season and is worth $6 million CAN. Also announced is that Hikari Sakishima has been signed to a new four-year contract extension to remain defensive coordinator of the Best College Football Team in All of College Football.

"I've known Tatsuya all my life and he has been nothing short of spectacular," said Mitakihara athletic director Mami Tomoe. "If there is one person that knows how to coach this team, it's Tatsuya Kaname. He just brings that fire, that drive that is contagious amongs his players. He brings fun and energy and makes the game an exercise of the mind and body.

"We're glad we came to terms with the greatest head football coach in history and we look forward to another great run to close off this decade."

"I've enjoyed 47 amazing season with this team and it never fails to disappoint," Coach Kaname said at the press conference at Hakurei Centre. "I've seen so many great players come through these hallowed grounds and not only play the game with a burning desire unlike any other, but also emphasize their academic priorities and become successful outside of football.

"I want to keep this going. Our coaching staff is full of new faces and is ready to help guide this ship. I love this university, I love its people and I love everything that makes Mitakihara the best city in all of Canada. This is for you. Fasten your seatbelts, everyone. We're ready to roll."

A new look for Mitakihara Magi Football's coaches

A new look for Mitakihara Magi Football's coaches

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
January 15, 2058

New changes are in store for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi ahead of the 2058 college football season. A number of old assistants have moved on and have been replaced by former players that spent their careers as pros, while a relative new unknown has taken over as the recruiting coordinator for the football team.

Running backs coach Rio Onjouji has been named the head football coach at Willamette College and has been replaced by former fullback Kohei Miyahara. Miyahara spent 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears, Houston Texas and Washington Redskins, winning three Super Bowls. Outgoing wide receivers coach Ron Takakamo is now the head football coach at Pacific Lutheran and will be replaced by a former tight end, Ryuta Kasugano, who was a star with the Seattle Seahawks for 12 seasons and holds the team record for most receiving yards in a season by a tight end (2,506).

Linebackers coach Kit McGlynn was named the head coach at Division II powerhouse West Texas A&M and will be replaced by Chance Shinagawa, an outside linebacker who spent 14 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, winning two Super Bowl rings. Outgoing secondary coach Mickey Tsuruta is stepping down from coaching for good and will be replaced by Karuta Kanda, a cornerback that spent 13 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, winning three Super Bowl rings with Arizona in the first legit dynasty of the franchise in the late 2040s.

Special teams coach Florence Southwick is also retiring from coaching and will be replaced by another former kicker, Ronnie Hinchcliffe, who was the placekicker for the Calgary Stampeders for 13 seasons. A new face from Tokyo, Seara August, has been named the recruiting coordinator for the team. However, since she is a freshman student, she will be sharing the duties with Coach Kaname for the first three seasons on the job until she graduates with her sport management degree, at which she will have total control of the position.

"I picked Seara because she has the type of personality that reminds me of Ms. Ricca [Morizono]," said Coach Kaname when asked of his decision to hire Ms. August this month. "She is very professional, believes in treating recruits and players like gentlemen, and is very detail-oriented when talking about the position. She believes that this is her biggest break yet, and she wants to do a good job as the coordinator because it's one of the most important positions on the team."

Three new faces will also join the Sprint Football coaching staff. Makoto Yasaka has been named receivers coach of the team, while Steele Ainsworth was named defensive line coach for the team and Yoshino Kousaka was named special teams coach. Yasaka spent 13 seasons as a wideout for the Buffalo Bills, Ainsworth brings 12 years of experience playing on the defensive line of the Montreal Alouettes, and Kousaka spent one season in the Australian Football League before electing to become an assistant coach at Mitakihara High School. Last season, their placekicker, a first-year student, made 255 extra points and 30 field goals and never missed a single attempt.

The coaching staff for the 2058 Mitakihara Magi Football Team will be finalized in the coming weeks.

More records fall at Mitakihara University

More records fall at Mitakihara University

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
January 9, 2058

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname continues to amaze even the harshest of critics with his longevity and persistent effectiveness. Coach Kaname led the Magi to their 45th national championship, defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 237-98 in the 2058 BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. In the process, he rewrote a number of coaching career records and builds on his reputation as the winningest coach in the sport.

"I'm just doing what I can to help make the program and the university proud," Coach Kaname said via teleconference from his home in Mitakihara Town, B.C. "We always deliver with the quality of football we bring to the field and we always look for consistent, high-intensity play on every snap, from start to finish.

"I couldn't have reached the record without the support of a lot of people, namely the players, my fellow coaches, the administration, and my five beautiful wives. I have so many people I have to thank, but one person I dedicate this to is my sister, who believes in the university because this is her university, this is her team. And we believe in her."

Tatsuya Kaname
Coaching Career - Longest Win Streak 373
Coaching Career - National Titles 45
Coaching Career - Bowl Victories 46
Coaching Career - Career Victories 627
Coaching Career - Bowl Appearances 46
Coaching Career - Games Coached 634

Mitakihara 2057 Season Stats

[Image: magifootballintro.jpg]

2057 STATS

Week 18 2057 News

Mitakihara win 45th National Championship

Mitakihara win 45th National Championship

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
January 8, 2058

In an offensive shootout at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi outgunned Dick Valentine and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 237-98 in the 2058 BCS National Championship Game to win their 45th national championship in football. Despite passing for 1191 yards and 10 touchdowns, Valentine, once coveted by the mighty Magi, also three 13 interceptions and was sacked 15 times by one of the most ferocious defenses to grace the field.

His counterpart and would-be backup Dean Amakusa, the 2057 Heisman Trophy winner, passed for 697 yards and 13 touchdowns while rushing for 177 yards and two more scores. A number of other running backs did the job on the ground. Halfback Tony Kalmar ran for 237 yards and four majors, backup quarterback Justin Powers ran for 234 yards and two touchdowns, halfback Chaz Thomas ran for 175 yards and two majors, fullback Mark Moore ran for 125 yards and two scores and halfback Tukul Abdul Rahman ran for 98 yards and two more touchdowns.

Wide receiver Patrick Cox had five catches for 256 yards and four touchdowns, wideout Ethan Brink caught four passes for 148 yards and four majors and tight end Will Mensah caught four passes for 121 yards and three scores. Cox also led the blockers with 17 pancakes while wide receiver Mike White and center Tom Green added seven pancakes.

On defense, freshman corner Kellen Hudson had a breakthrough game with 12 tackles. Right outside linebacker Paul Allen had four sacks, cornerback Darren Kujou had five interceptions, right end Jason Richwalski had three sacks, and both quarterback Sam Brown and strong safety Matt Bates each had two interceptions each. In the end, it was more about the duel between Amakusa and Valentine, and based on the scoreline, Amakusa won the duel thanks to a balanced attack.

"Dick's a wonderful guy and we always keep in touch every now and then," Amakusa said after the game. "He knows how to throw the ball and he's a proven competitor. He doesn't like to lose a game this badly but if you want to beat us, you're going to need more than just a world-class quarterback like Dick.

"You need a world-class team, and that's what we are. Credit to Notre Dame for putting up a good fight and never giving up on hope until the final whistle. We had to leave everything out on the field, and we took the game right to them. This was a great performance by the Best College Football Team in All of College Football. We were only trying to live up to our reputation, and we did that."

Mitakihara end the season with another perfect 14-0 record.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Mystique of Père Noël

[Image: Joyeux_Noel.jpg]

The Mystique of Père Noël

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
December 22, 2057

Père Noël (French pronunciation: ​[pɛʁ nɔ.ɛl], "Father Christmas", sometimes called Papa Noël ("Daddy Christmas"), is a legendary gift-bringer at Christmas in France and other French-speaking areas, identified with the Father Christmas and/or Santa Claus of English-speaking territories. Though they were traditionally different, all of them are now the same character, with different names, and the shared characteristics of a red outfit, workshop at the north pole, and team of reindeer.

According to tradition, on Christmas Eve children leave their shoes by the fireplace filled with carrots and treats for Père Noël's donkey, Gui (French for "Mistletoe") before they go to bed. Père Noël takes the offerings and, if the child has been good, leaves presents in their place. Presents are traditionally small enough to fit in the shoes; candy, money or small toys.

Père Noël is sometimes confused with another character. In Eastern France (Alsace and Lorraine regions), in Belgium, in Switzerland, and in Eastern Europe there is a parallel tradition to celebrate Saint Nicolas on December 6. He is followed by Le Père Fouettard, who exists also in different parts of Germany (Knecht Ruprecht or Belsnickel), Austria (Krampus), the Netherlands, and Belgium (Zwarte Piet in Dutch, Le Père Fouettard in French). Le Père Fouettard is a sinister figure dressed in black who accompanies Saint Nicolas and spanks children who have behaved badly.

In Brazil, due to the influence of French culture in the 19th century, the name of Papai Noel was adopted, opposing for example the name of Pai Natal in Portugal.

How is Christmas celebrated in Canada?

[Image: 640px-Rideau_Canal%2C_UNESCO_World_Heritage.jpg]

How is Christmas celebrated in Canada?

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
December 20, 2057

In the Canadian provinces where English is the predominant language, Christmas traditions are largely similar to those of the United States, with some lingering influences from the United Kingdom and newer traditions brought by immigrants from other European countries. Mince pies, plum pudding and Christmas cake are traditionally served in English Canada as Christmas dinner desserts, following the traditional meal of roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes and winter vegetables. Christmas table crackers are not uncommon in English-speaking Canada. In some parts of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Christmas traditions include mummers.

North American influences on Christmas are evident in the hanging of stockings on Christmas Eve, to be filled by Santa Claus. However, Canadian children believe that the home of Santa Claus is located at the North Pole, in Canada, and through Canada Post address thousands of letters to Santa Claus each year, using the postal code designation "HOH OHO", a play on Canada's six digit postal code that includes letters and numbers. Decorated Christmas trees, either fresh cut or artificial, introduced to Canada in 1781 originally by German soldiers stationed in Quebec during the American Revolution, are now common in private homes and commercial spaces throughout most of Canada.

As Canada is a cold, dark country in winter, lights are often put up in public places, and on commercial and residential buildings in November and December. Many communities have celebrations that include light events, such as the Cavalcade of Lights Festival in Toronto, the Montreal Christmas Fireworks or the Bright Nights in Stanley Park, Vancouver. A national program, Christmas Lights Across Canada, illuminates Ottawa, the national capital, and the 13 provincial and territorial capitals.

In the east-central Canadian province of Quebec and other French-speaking areas of North America, Christmas traditions include réveillon, Père Noël ("Father Christmas") and the bûche de Noël (Yule log), among many others. The traditional main dish for réveillon is tourtière, a savoury meat pie, and gifts are opened during réveillon, often following Midnight Mass.

The Royal Christmas Message from George VII, King of Canada is televised nationwide in Canada, the occasion being an observance which unites Canadians with citizens of the other Commonwealth Realms worldwide. The observation of Boxing Day (which coincides with the Christian Feast of St. Stephen) on the day following Christmas Day, December 26, is a tradition practiced in Canada, as it is in the other Commonwealth Realms, although not in the United States. In Canada Boxing Day is a day (or the beginning of a few days) of deeply discounted sale prices at retail stores which attract large numbers of shoppers in search of bargains.

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