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A new look for Mitakihara Magi Football's coaches

A new look for Mitakihara Magi Football's coaches

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
January 15, 2058

New changes are in store for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi ahead of the 2058 college football season. A number of old assistants have moved on and have been replaced by former players that spent their careers as pros, while a relative new unknown has taken over as the recruiting coordinator for the football team.

Running backs coach Rio Onjouji has been named the head football coach at Willamette College and has been replaced by former fullback Kohei Miyahara. Miyahara spent 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears, Houston Texas and Washington Redskins, winning three Super Bowls. Outgoing wide receivers coach Ron Takakamo is now the head football coach at Pacific Lutheran and will be replaced by a former tight end, Ryuta Kasugano, who was a star with the Seattle Seahawks for 12 seasons and holds the team record for most receiving yards in a season by a tight end (2,506).

Linebackers coach Kit McGlynn was named the head coach at Division II powerhouse West Texas A&M and will be replaced by Chance Shinagawa, an outside linebacker who spent 14 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, winning two Super Bowl rings. Outgoing secondary coach Mickey Tsuruta is stepping down from coaching for good and will be replaced by Karuta Kanda, a cornerback that spent 13 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, winning three Super Bowl rings with Arizona in the first legit dynasty of the franchise in the late 2040s.

Special teams coach Florence Southwick is also retiring from coaching and will be replaced by another former kicker, Ronnie Hinchcliffe, who was the placekicker for the Calgary Stampeders for 13 seasons. A new face from Tokyo, Seara August, has been named the recruiting coordinator for the team. However, since she is a freshman student, she will be sharing the duties with Coach Kaname for the first three seasons on the job until she graduates with her sport management degree, at which she will have total control of the position.

"I picked Seara because she has the type of personality that reminds me of Ms. Ricca [Morizono]," said Coach Kaname when asked of his decision to hire Ms. August this month. "She is very professional, believes in treating recruits and players like gentlemen, and is very detail-oriented when talking about the position. She believes that this is her biggest break yet, and she wants to do a good job as the coordinator because it's one of the most important positions on the team."

Three new faces will also join the Sprint Football coaching staff. Makoto Yasaka has been named receivers coach of the team, while Steele Ainsworth was named defensive line coach for the team and Yoshino Kousaka was named special teams coach. Yasaka spent 13 seasons as a wideout for the Buffalo Bills, Ainsworth brings 12 years of experience playing on the defensive line of the Montreal Alouettes, and Kousaka spent one season in the Australian Football League before electing to become an assistant coach at Mitakihara High School. Last season, their placekicker, a first-year student, made 255 extra points and 30 field goals and never missed a single attempt.

The coaching staff for the 2058 Mitakihara Magi Football Team will be finalized in the coming weeks.

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