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Father Knows Best: Madoka rout Texas, 213-69

Father Knows Best: Madoka rout Texas, 213-69

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 7, 2058

In the end, the father knew better than the son. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi beat Akiyuki Kaname's Texas Longhorns into submission, first with the run, then with the pass in their 213-69 rout at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tex. It was a much cleaner performance for quarterback Dean Amakusa, who passed for 464 yards and five touchdowns with no sacks and no interceptions while rushing for 404 more yards and eight more majors.

Backup quarterback Sam Brown ran for 159 yards and two scores, halfback Tony Kalmar ran for 145 yards and three touchdowns, halfback Joe Wilson ran for 151 yards and four majors, halfback Tukul Abdul Rahman ran for 93 yards and three scores, wide receiver Mike White caught six passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns and wideout Marques Singleton caught three passes for 125 yards and two majors.

White also led the blockers with 27 pancakes, while freshman wide receiver David Culver Page added 18 pancakes and wideout Jason Bower added 11. Cornerback Darren Kujou continued his march to a successful Bednarik defense with three tackles and eight interceptions. Cornerback Josh Joyce had six tackles and three sacks while free safety Jason Gyan led the tacklers with 10 stops.

"This was definitely a much cleaner, more composed performance from Dean," said Coach Kaname after the game. "He really felt more upbeat and more like himself this week and it showed in his effort. The only big mistake we make all game was that Hail Mary from Sam that ended up getting picked off at the end of the first half. 

"Throwing the ball deep should not be a crap shoot. This is not UNLV and I am not Sadao Mao. I am not THAT guy. Our quarterbacks need to be smarter when throwing deep and the wide receivers have to be open. That's all. It's not rocket science, it's not playing with or without house money. What I am saying is that throwing the long ball should not be akin to going all in in craps or poker. Hopefully Sam will get the message the next time he gets ready to work in the next game."

Mitakihara improve to 3-0 and continue their road trip next week against the Air Force Falcons on Sept. 14.

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