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Harold Miller out for the season due to broken fibula

Harold Miller out for the season due to broken fibula

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
November 7, 2057

Harold Miller is done playing football as a member of Tatsuya Kaname Mitakihara Magi. The 6'4", 247-lb redshirt senior from Panthersville, Ga. suffered a broken fibula last week against San Diego State and was ruled out for the rest of the season. This has forced Tony Bright into the fold at starting right tackle, and starting this week against Hawai'i, freshman D.J. Leach will spend some time at backup right tackle.

"We feel for Harold because he's had a great career playing for the Magi and when he was taken away from the field last week, he was in tears," Coach Kaname said. "That's tough for him especially because he was a true leader and a symbol of pride for our program. We're going to keep him on scholarship and we're glad to announce that he is close to finishing his degree in sociology here at Mitakihara, so we do wish him the best."

"Oh man, when I found out that Harold was injured, it was tough for me to swallow because he really contributed to our efforts this year, and he's a nice guy, too," said quarterback Dean Amakusa. "I looked up to Harold to give me advice on how to perform well as a student here. He's fired us up and motivated all of us to do a good job on the field. Hopefully he will be successful outside of football."

"Harold and I are buddies when it comes to studying for exams," said senior defensive tackle Jermaine Evans. "So for him to break his fibula like that, it's never good because now he has to be on crutches for three or four months. But Harold's a tough guy and he will bounce back from this. He's not the type of player that will be discouraged by injuries like this."

In other injury news, Tukul Abdul Rahman's strained quadricep has not healed and he remains questionable for the time being. The hope is that he will recover in time for the bowl game, if not the conference championship game. The injury has forced Tony Kalmar as the starting halfback, with Chaz Wilson playing the role of backup.

[Image: ztko.jpg]
Airi Totoki, Darren Kujou's wife.

One player that will not be injured any time soon is cornerback Darren Kujou, who has been a solid replacement for Gareth Hale, who has since graduated and is playing in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers. Hale, who played at Madoka under the alias Gir Todafunk, was at the game between Mitakihara and San Diego State and gave some key words of advice to Kujou after the game, when the Magi stormed to a 199-45 win.

"The one person that really inspires me is my fiancee and future wife, Airi Totoki," Kujou said this week in Hawai'i. "I've been together with Airi since this past summer and we've had a bond so strong that we're now engaged. She's a music major, just like I am, and she's a strong supporter of the Magi football team.

"I believe that a good, faithful, romantic partner is the key to becoming a great football player, or an athlete in general. Airi brings me that. When I head on to the field, I want to dedicate my time and effort to her and the future I want to have with her. She picks me up, never lets me down, and is good friends with my sister Karen, too.

"If it wasn't for Airi, I wouldn't be the star player I am today. I'd give my all to win a national championship with her at my side."

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