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Haruyuki Arita leaves Madoka for Penn State, Raul Chaser named OC

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Haruyuki Arita leaves Madoka for Penn State, Raul Chaser named OC

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
January 18, 2058

A major coaching change took place today. Offensive coordinator Haruyuki Arita, who set numerous NCAA and school passing records for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, was named the head football coach at Penn State. Replacing Arita as offensive coordinator is another relative unknown from Japan by the name of Raul Chaser, a former student from the Hero School and a recent graduate of Mitakihara University. Chaser played on the spring football team as a quarterback for four seasons, leading the Magi to four straight CSFL championships.

"It was a no-brainer," said Coach Kaname. "Raul Chaser brings a strong knowledge of the game and already he has a lot of strong coaching skills that will help him as a coach. He's really good with what he can do in helping run the spread option and the Puella Magi Option. In fact, I think he may be one of the best kept secrets aroung because he's also spent time assisting the assistant coaches for the Spring football team as a player, learning how to manage the game and disseminate the game plan.

"Raul is someone that believes in the success of the players and the fact that he's only 22 means that he's got a great future ahead of him. The only issue here is because he's so young and very bright, we may not be keeping him for too long, so we'll look to work with him as much as we can."

"This is an exciting opportunity for me," said Chaser at the press conference at Mitakihara University's Hakurei Center and the rose turf. "I used to work as an assistant manager at a shop in Tokyo before moving to Canada and playing football here. I picked up the game very quickly after I tried out for the sprint football team as a quarterback and made the cut. This became my calling and now I'm settled here with my wife, Fino Bloodstone, who runs a local goods shop at the Square.

"I think the Puella Magi Option and the spread option is a two pronged package that defense have to be wary for. We could bring one offense out, or we can deliver the other. The thing about it all is that opponents have been unable to react to the system we run which is very complex and customizable. We can anticipate the defense's tendencies by calling audibles on the fly and then punishing then with the run, then changing it up with some deep passes fueled by precision timing and accuracy.

"As the new offensive coordination, it is my job to ensure that every player on offense knows their role and does it to the best of their ability. No one is sold short, no one will be sold short. When we play like a machine, and we play the game with confidence and drive, then it becomes fun and our players enjoy the game for what it's worth because gridiron football is one of the finest sports out there, whether you play it or watch it.

"This will be my way of being a hero for a school that is truly an awesome school."

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