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"How does Ms. Seara do it?": Coach Kaname

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"How does Ms. Seara do it?": Coach Kaname

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2058

The 2058 college football season is only into Week 4, and already a slew of recruits have come in for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi. New recruiting coordinator Seara August, a sophomore sport management major, wasted no time in getting two three-star athletes, five four-star athletes, and a five-star athlete to commit themselves to the Best College Football Team in All of College Football...all in the first week.

The early signings have amazed Coach Kaname to no end. Even he couldn't fathom the effectiveness of Ms. Seara's calls.

"How does she do it?" Coach Kaname said via phone call over in Colorado Springs, where the Magi were practicing ahead of this week's game against the Air Force Falcons. "How does Ms. Seara do it? She's putting Ms. [Ricca] Morizono to school here with her calls! I am simply amazed by how she talked to the recruits and sold them on the university and the football team. We've been able to fill a number of our needs as a result.

"I took the time to listen her phone calls on Monday from Week 1, and she really sounded provocative, sensual, convincing, to the point of being titillating. One recruit even went so far as to say, 'aahhhhh, I'm coming, haaaah!' and all that, and Ms. Seara was giggling, and the recruit said, 'I'm signing! Sign my ass up, I want to give you the dick!' I'm sure he had an erupting good time from that conversation. All the calls were hilarious to listen to and the recruits were pretty fun, easygoing players.

"I am so glad we hired Ms. Seara as our RC. She is professional, sounds businesslike when she has to, sounds down and dirty when she wants to, and really hits home the selling points of this school and our football program. We were on the lookout for someone who wants to represent the interests and ideals of Mitakihara University and sell them well, and Ms. Seara just did the job with ease.

"As a result, we now have eight recruits and we have 17 more slots available, and they could be filling up fast. She's been busy arranging recruiting visits next week. We got a few players that will be checking out the school and those that committed early are also invited for a campus tour. Ms. Seara has really settled into her role and the experience she earns will come a long way towards her degree, at which she will have full control of her position.

"She doesn't need a lot of supervision, either. She's a self-starter, attention-to-detail type of person and takes advantage of the opportunities that comes to her. I think my players could learn a thing or two from her work rate, she is truly amazing!"

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