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"It's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward": Akiyuki Kaname

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"It's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward": Akiyuki Kaname

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
September 4, 2058

For the first time in five years, the Kanames will be on the field together, but on opposite ends. Coach Tatsuya Kaname and the Mitakihara Magi football team will be facing his son and former offensive coordinator, Akiyuki Kaname, and the Texas Longhorns in the second straight 1-vs-2 match for the Magi at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tex.

"Yeah, it's, well, gonna really be really unusual to have on the opposite sideline coaching against me so I have to hope he goes easy on my boys cause I know how he is," Coach Akiyuki said via phone conference in Austin. "I love my dad. I keep touch with him every now and then and he checks on me and Chiwa, and my younger siblings Shiro and Reika. But as I said, it's gonna be pretty, pretty awkward to have to coach against my dad.

"I believe in family first, and I've seen my two children, Stuart and Constance, graduate from Mitakihara this past spring. Stuart played on the sprint football team at Madoka as a receiver and Constance was on the volleyball team as a libero. Stuart is only 23 and he's thinking about coaching the game in the future, and I hope he does that and maybe joins Dad on the sidelines.

"I want my players to do a good job against Madoka because even with me gone, they've reloaded a lot. They just dumped over 200 points on Notre Dame and Army and I heard that their quarterback was really off the rails after he threw a third interception against the Black Knights. I have confidence that our team can force some turnovers but we're going to look for a moral victory in this one.

"Mitakihara is on a mission every year, to defend their Four Corners. I know this because I've been involved in it as a player. The important thing is to try to get close to them and hope for a few slip-ups along the way. I'm not saying that this is mission impossible, but a team this good for decades doesn't come around that often.

"I just hope Mom [Dr. Madoka Kaname, founder of Mitakihara University] doesn't scold both of us for the score being inevitably decisive. She loves both of us just the same."

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