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Ricca Morizono to step down as Magi football recruiting coordinator

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Ricca Morizono to step down as Magi football recruiting coordinator

By Chinami Oka
The Daily Magi
November 27, 2057

After 25 years of being the head recruiting coordinator for Mitakihara Magi football, Ricca Morizono is calling it quits and will step down at the end of the season, citing burnout and a desire for new opportunities, according to a report this week on campus.

"I've had a great career being a part of the best college football program anyone can find anywhere," Ms. Morizono said in a tearful press conference today. "I've seen pipeline built in many states and we've been able to win a lot of recruiting battles against other schools looking to tap into the talent-rich South. It's been quite an adventure working with Coach Kaname and his staff to fin the best ways to keep the influx of talent coming to this program.

"Being a recruiting coordinator is a tough chore because you have to oversee a lot of things and sell the student on the program, the university, the community and the fact that we're a Canadian school and we have a different set of standards and rules. But the best players that decide to play for Madoka are intrigued by the possibility of playing for a Canadian university and a solid athletics program.

"We're more than just football. We have a lot of great men's and women's team in different sports and disciplines. All of them are in good academic standing. My vision of us surpassing Stanford and McGill in terms of great student-athletes is taking fruit in the form of our football team, and I have spent 25 years of my life dedicating it to the well-being of players, who have gone on to great things professionally.

"I want to pursue a career working in business or perhaps in fashion design. I want to be an entrepreneur of some sort and be successful. The years of work I did for Mitakihara University, which will always remain part of me, is just a stepping stone and part of the long journey in my life.

"I hope that whoever succeeds me as the recruiting coordinator for Magi football does a great job and picks up from where I left off. It's been a pleasure and an honour to have been part of the success of Mitakihara Magi Football. I will never forget it."

A search for a new recruiting coordinator will take place following the end of the 2057 college football season. Ms. Morizono will remain a part of the recruiting team at Mitakihara University until the season concludes.

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