Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Crown Prince of Jordan...plays football?!

The Crown Prince of Jordan...plays football?!

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2058

Yes, there is royalty that plays American football on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi. Jamal Aziz Al-Hussein bin Al-Abdullah is the future King Abdullah V, the heir to the throne of the monarchy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Born in Amman, Prince Aziz, or Aziz as he is known to as to distinguish from fellow freshman Jamal Ali Muhammad, attended a boarding school under an alias in the most unlikeliest of places: Fairfield, Iowa, where the family has some agricultural interests.

Prince Aziz plans to double-major in political science and agriculture, He has plans to help improve the agricultural situation in the country by incorporating hydroponics en masse, while continuing the legacy brought on by his father, King Abdullah IV.

[Image: ajqe.jpg]
Princess Aila, the wife of defensive tackle Crown Prince Aziz.

The man also has a wife whom he married prior to enrolling at Mitakihara, Princess Aila bint Al Abdullah, a fellow freshman political science major and a former commoner before marrying. Princess Aila is an avid cosplayer and occasionally goes to conventions in Europe. She was also a fashion model before her marriage.

"Princess Aila has been a sort of inspiration for me because she knows the reputation this university has for treating royals like regular people and nothing else," Prince Aziz said. "Here at this university, it doesn't matter where you come from. If you're here to learn and get an education, you will get the best anywhere. I wanted to go here because I wanted a change of pace.

"Mostly, I wanted to play a sport, and in particular, it's American football. I love the game of football and the excitement you get from making a tackle and making a big play. Hopefully I get my chance at becoming a star and shining bright. I'm representing the Jordanian people every time I get out there. I can't wait to get started."


  1. Talking about the Hashemites, Prophet Muhammad (peace been upon him) was originated from Hashemite tribe. Thus, the present King Abdullah the Second is the 43rd descendant from the Prophet (pbuh).

    1. How about that. So now we have the 45th descendant on this Magi football team. The players, though, call him "Aziz" or "Ziz." They just treat him like a regular bro. Prince Aziz speaks Arabic, English, French, Hebrew and Japanese. And he knows a little Korean due to his travels.