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Dean Amakusa: A quarterback with great parents

Dean Amakusa: A quarterback with great parents

By Furano Yukihira
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2059

Dean Amakusa's father Kanade was never into football. He was an economics major with an intention of teaching the subject in local secondary schools in Mitakihara Town. But at the age of nine, young Dean tried out for the local junior football team in Mitakihara. What scouts noticed was one of the strongest arms imaginable and one of the most mobile athletes to play the game.

Despite Dad's initial reservations, Dean convinced his father that he wanted to be a quarterback, and the persistence paid off. He ended up leading Mitakihara High to three provincial titles and as a member of the Mitakihara Magi, he won two Heisman Trophies to go with other accolades.

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"When I think of Dean, two words come to mind: 'Attaboy, son!'," said Kanade at his job at Mitakihara Middle School. "He really is a whole lot of fun to watch and his youth reminds me of when I was a student at Madoka. He's got the gift, and Coach Kaname and Coach Hinoi taught him very well. I think Dean's got the potential to be successful at the next level. He really has the gift.

"The only worry I have now is that he suffers some injury that may put his dream in doubt. If he takes care of himself and does the right thing with his body when he plays, I don't have to worry about a thing. I taught him important things in life, responsibility and accountability, at a young age and I hope he puts those lessons to good use when he graduates."

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Dean's mother is Ouka Yuuouji, a former cheerleader with the Magi and a home economics major at Mitakihara. She is a stay-at-home mother but she does do occasional writing for a number of do-it-yourself sites and is a successful entrepreneur. Dean accredits Mrs. Yuuouji as the rock that kept his feet on the ground.

"Mom always told me to be reasonable, to aim for the stars but always stay humble," Dean said after workouts at the climate-controlled Hakurei Centre. "She always told me to be optomistic, but at the same time accept failure as a motivator for improvement. I've made a lot of mistakes when I've played quarterback and there are times when I wish I never hurt myself, but when I improve my game, Mom always lets me know if I did well against whoever I took on.

"My mom always watches the games on television. She never goes to the games live because she has to do a lot of business at home. Hopefully she will be able to watch me live this season because this will be my last year here playing for the Magi. I think things will work out. My mom is too settled to not have any leverage in her own business matters. That's just how she is."

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