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Debut album from Kaname Hall released!

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Debut album from Kaname Hall released!

By Natsumi Koshigaya
The Daily Magi
October 26, 2060

Mitakihara Magi football quarterback Ricky Cojuangco and halfback Dan Roxas aren't just football players. In the offseason, they are part-time session musicians, and they form part of the new band of Filipino-Canadian session musicians called Kaname Hall. The band is composed of five freshman from Mitakihara University: Cojuangco, who plays bass; Roxas, who plays lead guitar; Abel Estrada, who plays rhythm guitar; Marc Legaspi, who plays keyboard; and drummer Joel Lacson. 

Estrada, Legaspi and Lacson are music majors and turned down conservatory internships to play in this band. What makes this band special is that they are the best of friends that go back to their days in Batangas City. Their debut album is called "Astig" and is a collections of covers and original numbers.

"We came up with the name Kaname Hall as a dedication to the main administration building of the same name," Cojuangco said of the band. "We love the place because it's the very first thing we see when we head on campus. When we're together and we pass by Kaname Hall, we bow towards the building and then we head to class. It's a really sacred part of the school, you know? Really important place.

"So we decided, we're gonna go ahead and name ourselves in honor of the building. Our debut album name, 'Astig,' is another way of saying 'tigas,' or hard. We like playing hard, classic rock covers, but we can also play surf music, instrumentals, pop, disco...but mostly we're all about rock. But we're session musicians, so we're very versatile.

"One of our marquee numbers is the cover of Hagibis's 'Katawan.' We filmed a music video for the number, and it featured a lot of local campus girls posing playfully in underwear, and it included us as different places on campus. It also included us marching and dancing with the girls in their undies, walking down campus, drawing a lot of good press, so to speak. And it also included us playing the number in front of a crowd of dancing girls in underwear. It went viral overnight, and we've been asked to play the piece at numbers of places, but since Dan and I are football players, we've told people that we'll play a few shows in February or March...only if we don't have classes.

"But we like to put on a show at times, and when we do, we go all out. We're young, we had a lot of fun putting this together. This was done over the course of August and September and we finished the mixing for it this month. I think people are going to like this album."

"Astig" is out on iTunes for $9.99 CAN.

Track List:

1. Wally's Blues
2. Magsaysay Olongapo
3. Estudyante Blues
4. Balong Malalim
5. Beep Beep
6. Sembreak
7. Mr. Suave
8. Katawan
9. The Cabana
10. Laki Sa Layaw
11. You'll Be Safe Here
12. Malayang Magmahal
13. Alaala
14. Ipaglalaban Ko
15. Ang Huling el Bimbo
16. Ligaya
17. Pare Ko
18. And I Told You So
19. With A Smile
20. Your Song
Bonus Track: Bayan Ko

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