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Madoka's Cojuangco, Roxas come from wealthy families

Madoka's Cojuangco, Roxas come from wealthy families

By Natsumi Koshigaya
The Daily Magi
August 31, 2060

Two new faces have broken through into Mitakihara University's football team. Their names are quarterback Ricky Cojuangco and halfback Dan Roxas. Cojuangco and Roxas come from wealthy families in Mitakihara. Cojuangco's grandmother is actress Anne Curtis, while Roxas's grandmother is actress Vanessa Anne Hudgens. But if you think Cojuangco and Roxas are going to consider careers in acting, you are sorely mistaken.

[Image: xmb6.jpg]
Anne Curtis, Ricky Cojuangco's grandmother.

"I don't want to by like my grandma and be an actor; I'd rather play football professionally then become a coach," Cojuangco said. "The fact that a lot of Japanese football coaches are successful at teaching this games means that I can also be successful at playing and coaching the game.

"I first played football when I was seven or eight. I found out that I have a good throwing arm, a very deep release and really good mobility. So the coaches at my high school saw that I could be a very good quarterback and I ended up starting all three years for the Angels and the major-junior team at Mitakihara Town Sports Club. Once the coaches at Madoka offered me a scholarship following my campus visit, it was an easy decision.

"Winning national championships and individual honors is not my main mission when it comes to playing for this team. I want to learn more about my position, about every position on the team, and the process it takes for the coaches and players to put a game plan together. I want to embrace the process."

[Image: hln0.jpg]
Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Dan Roxas's grandmother.

As for Roxas, he is more on the academic side of things. Roxas wants to be a teacher and teach at the University of Santo Tomas, as a way to earn a Ph.D. there. The possibility of being an NFL Draft-ready halfback may put those academic ambitions on hold. Roxas is an Asian Studies major with a minor in World History.

"Even though I have citizenship here in Canada, the best-case scenario for me is to finish playing here, graduate, then work towards a Ph.D. at UST," Roxas said. "I can speak English, French, Tagalog and at least six other dialects from the Philippines, so I won't have too much trouble adjusting to life there as a student.

"But since I'm a football player, I know that it's not going to be easy to decide between playing professionally and pursuing a doctorate degree. As a halfback, I have one of the most important roles on the team, and at my high school, I lettered all three years. My grandmother Vannessa always told me to make the right decision regarding my future because it's something that will change my life completely.

"I have a memento of my grandmother on my wrist. It's her watch that she wore when she was a young adult just like me. Somehow, it was able to fit me, and I wear it every time I head out into the world, except for when I am playing. She died three years ago, and every summer, I visit her gravesite in Salinas, Calif. and talk with her in spirit.

"I dedicate the games I play to the memory of my grandmother, whose spirit is still alive everywhere I go. She was the inspiration behind my dream to play the game of football. A victory for my team is a victory for her, and it's a feeling that is unique. It's really special. I'm glad to be an important part of my team."

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