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Magia Day 2059 to honor the seniors of the Class of 2060

Magia Day 2059 to honor the seniors of the Class of 2060

By Furano Yukihira
The Daily Magi
November 25, 2059

Magia Day 2059 is around the corner, culminating with Mitakihara University's Magi football team taking on Sadao Mao's UNLV Rebels on Nov. 29, 2059 at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Karila Hatsuse is the sister of Mitakihara Magi defensive captain/free safety Aila Hatsuse, who will be graduating with a degree in theatre arts.

[Image: aq89.jpg]

"My brother loves to be a great comedian and actor and aspires to be one himself," Karila Hatsuse said of Aila. "He believes that the game of football is a drama posing as this thing called sport. All of the players and coaches are actors and the fans are the audience.

"For my brother, a game is divided into four acts, numerous commercial breaks and an intermission featuring the band. That's what it's all about, and there is plenty of improvisation that takes place. His role is to force turnovers and make big hits. And he acts his part so very well.

"I talked with Aila about what he wants to do after he finishes playing professional football and he tells me he wants to start up a football clinic for disadvantaged youth. He wants to combine drama and acting with the game of football and turn it into an after-school programa that can be utilized anywhere in Canada. He's developing a formula that can make this happen.

"My brother's not crazy when he has this ambition. He's an athlete and an actor and does both things so very well. I think he's going to have a great future when he graduates from Mitakihara, so I wish him all the best."

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