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New album from Kazero Wingman on sale!

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New album from Kazero Wingman on sale!

By Furano Yukihira
The Daily Magi
January 10, 2059

One of Mitakihara University's finest rock band to ever grace the radio, Kazero Wingman, returns with a new studio album entitled "State of Mind." Led by former Magi football linebacker Kazero Otonashi, "State of Mind" features a rendition of the new fight song composed by Stuart Tetsuya Kaname called "Madoka Is A State of Mind." The album also marks the debut of former idol Kiyomi Saejima as lead singer for the band.

"We elected to provide a fresh young face to our lineup and make things a bit more mellow," Otonashi said when asked of production of "State of Mind." "In addition to singing, Yomi is good at songwriting and likes to write about songs about the real world as well as compose music. We allowed her to collaborate with us on this new album. She's a true professional and fun to work with."

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"I heard about Kazero Wingman when I was younger and I was listening to their songs," Saejima said of her new band. "They also have a new bassist, Gene Mitaka, who joined the band after their previous album. This allowed Kazero to focus on piano work. Gene's actually my husband of five years and we already have a couple of children.

"This is their sixth album and I'm glad to be part of this project. I'm also a fan of Mitakihara's football team and I know that all of the musicians on Kazero Wingman used to play for Coach Kaname. I also met him one time and he's a great person that likes music and football. I could never get bored being around such wonderful people."

"State of Mind" is available on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

Track List:

1. Madoka Is A State Of Mind
2. Rocketown
3. Take Your Path
4. Race For One
5. Plug Me In
6. Catch The Breeze
7. Fly To The Horizon
8. Hawaii's On My Mind Tonight
9. Slow The Pace
10. Coast To Coast
11. On Your Rope
12. Lost Touch
13. Vigil
14. Bongo Beat
15. No More Addictions
16. Straight After You
17. Cold As A Knife
18. Truth
19. Angel Wings
20. Grace
Bonus Track: Zero Fill Love

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