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New song to debut on Magia Day 2058

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New song to debut on Magia Day 2058

By Airi Altinate
The Daily Magi
November 13, 2058

A new song will be debuting on Magia Day 2058, honoring the fourth-year student-athletes of Mitakihara University's Class of 2059. Composed by Mitakihara University alumnus Stuart Tetsuya Kaname, the grandson of Magi Football head coach Tatsuya Kaname and university founder Dr. Madoka Kaname, "Madoka Is A State Of Mind" was originally written for the golf team, but after consultation with his father and granddad, the lyrics were changed.

"My old man and my older man had to twist my arm to write it for the football team, and I did," Kaname said. He is aspiring to be on the coaching staff as an assistant after playing quarterback for the sprint football team for four season, leading them to perfect 10-0 season and CSFL championships. "It was a decision that had to be done."

"I think it's a nice, feel-good tune that evokes nothing but pure honesty and gratitude for a team that knows how to play the game of football better than any other team out there. Of course, the teams hold their own, but this was rewritten for the football team.

"I am sure the fans and students will enjoy this piece because it's based off an old air by a guy named ESTi called 'Zero Fill Love.'"

A recording of this song by Kazero Wingman will be released in their album coming next year. The song will be performed as part of the Marching Ultimates' pregame show ahead of the game against the Wyoming Cowboys at Mitakihara Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. PT/6:30 p.m. ET and will be televised by City, TVA Sports, ESPN, NHK and BBC.

Madoka Is A State of Mind

"MADOKA! (Hey!)
Fight on, we are from

A feeling so, so real,
It sweeps you off your feet.
The island's bouncing up and down,
Once again, we're here to win the day,
We're gonna go all the way,
It's time to start the show,
Here we go!

For Mitakihara Town,
For the Rose and Pink and White,
Pride of Canada,
Jewel of the West,
On to victory,
M-A-D-O-K-A let's go,
We're here to let the people know.

Madoka is a state of mind,
March down the field,
Better hold that line,
Run up the score
And our pride will be renewed,
Go Magi!
The will to win,
Time to bring your game.
Roll on again,
Honor to your name.
It's you, our hearts will be true!
We are from...

MADOKA! (Hey!)
Fight on, we are from
MADOKA! (Ho!)"

-S.T. Kaname '57

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