Friday, December 13, 2013

Stuart Kaname named defensive coordinator of Mitakihara Magi Football

Stuart Kaname named defensive coordinator of Mitakihara Magi Football

By Furano Yukihira
The Daily Magi
January 20, 2059

Massive news took place today at a press conference on the Rose Turf of Hakurei Centre. Stuart Tetsuya Kaname, the grandson of Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname and a former quarterback/cornerback with the Mitakihara sprint football team, was named defensive coordinator, succeeding Hikari Sakishima.

At the age of 24, Stuart Kaname is the youngest member on the Magi football coaching staff and is ready to continue the team's reputation of the most feared defensive unit in college football in terms of takeaways and turnovers. It's a massive role to fill, but with the training he had and the grooming from his father Akiyuki and his grandfather, Coach Stuart believes he will make a name for himself.

"It's a huge experience, an important one for me because my granddad is counting on me and my grandmother, who is the founder of this university," Coach Stuart said at the press conference. "I am now a third-generation football coach in my family. Football is in our blood and so is a passion for winning. I want to thank my grandfather Tatsuya for giving me this chance to prove myself. I want to thank my grandmother, Dr. Madoka Kaname, for her undying belief in me. And I thank the entire Mitakihara Family for their support.

"Let's be honest here. This is Mitakihara University. This is a place that is fueled by winning on and off the field. We have more national championships than any university, we are the fastest team to reach 600 wins, we have All-Americans and academic All-Americans on every team and every senior class has at least five or six players capable of playing in the NFL or CFL, and just about all of them have been successful in other professions.

"We are a university that helps develop men of character and instills integrity, accountability and execution. I've had a great experience playing on the sprint football team and I bring a desire for technique and execution from the players on defense that I will coach. Discipline and professionalism are also important to this team, and I will make sure that our defense is disciplined and professional in what they do on and off the pitch.

"Finally, this city, Mitakihara Town, is one of the greatest sports towns Canada has ever had. In five decades of existence, this city has grown into one of the largest in British Columbia and one of the largest in this country. And it always develops winners. We have a great sports club in Mitakihara Town Sports Club that has great pro and amateur sides winning league titles and international honors. Our university's teams are nationally renowned. We've hosted the summer and winter Youth Olympic Games a few times. And many professional athletes from Canada and around the world train here in Mitakihara.

"So, I will do my best to continue the legacy that the people before me left and I will make my own legacy as the defensive coordinator of the Best College Football Team in All of College Football. It's an experience that I will never forget and I'm ready for the challenge."

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