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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 30, 2061

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 30, 2061

By Konomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
September 30, 2061

Ikaruga Saito was the granddaughter of Homura Akemi, Mitakihara University's vice-chancellor. A skilled swordswoman, Ikaruga was in her third year as a student at MitSS, but up until now she had never visited her grandparents' estate. As the granddaughter of Homura, Ikaruga claimed Dr. Madoka Kaname, Mami Tomoe, Kyouko Sakura and Sayaka Miki as her grandaunts. Ikaruga was already matriculated and was slated to be enrolled at Mitakihara University next fall.

It was morning. MitSS, the Mitakihara Secondary School, was doing a series of faculty meetings that day, so there was no class. The door bell rung. Madoka went over to the door. "Hello? Oh, hi there."
"Madoka-ooba, good morning," Ikaruga said with a bow. "My name is Ikaruga, the daughter of Homura-obaasan."
"Ikaruga, it's nice to meet you for the first time! Give me a hug." She hugged her. "Mmmm, that feels so good. Come on in. Do you want me to put your sword away?"
"Please," she said, handing her the sword in its scabbard. Madoka handed the sword to one of the in-house maids who placed it in the attic. "Where is obaasan?"
"Right here, Ikaruga," Homura said to her in the living room, drinking coffee.
"Obaasan!" And the two of them hugged. "I finally meet you for the first time."
"How is my wonderful granddaughter doing?"
"Fine," she said, blushing.
Homura looked at Ikaruga's breasts and gave them a squeeze. "Hmmmm, like pillows."
"Sit down for a bit, I'll have my maids serve you breakfast." Ikaruga did, and the maids gave her the full Japanese breakfast, with miso soup and all the trimmings. "You know, when I was your age, I didn't have breasts as big as your own, Ikaruga. I could only get a B or C cup. You're a size E. Your father must have given you the type of bloodline to have a rack that big."
"'re my grandma so you can touch it as much as you want..."
"Oh no, no, no. You see, Ikaruga, I'm an old lady now, and I've reached a point in my life where I don't need to become a dirty old man and fondle young girls. Heck, I can't even fondle Madoka or Takkun, I can only snuggle."
"Takkun, obaasan?
"Your grandfather, Tatsuya-ojisan," Homura said as Madoka went to turn on the television, where CBC News: Morning was on the air. "Ah, here he is."
"Ikaruga, hello there!" Tatsuya said, already dressed in his trademark sweater vest, trucker hat and khakis, but with a university-issued track top on.
"Ojisan, good morning," she said as the two of them hugged.
"Ooooh, nice and firm. Must be something about the Kaname bloodline that results in some wonderful kids and grandkids. What do you think, Madoka?" he asked, grabbing a bagel to spread some strawberry cream cheese and cinnamon dust on.
"Don't have ideas, Tatsuya, please," she said, pouting.
"Oh Madoka, you know I wouldn't go that far," he said, lifting her chin. "But I will tell you this. I could be 80, and still feel horny as if I was 25, you know?"
"Dirty old man," Ikaruga hissed.
"Now don't get your knickers in a wad, young lady. You know that your elders mean well, and you should respect them. Remember, we have a very naughty side to us because of our prestige and influence. It's a trait we really value. Okay?"
"Yes, ojisan," Ikaruga said. "Obaasan, can you tell me a little bit about your history and how you met Ojisan?"
"Hey, I'm gonna get going," Tatsuya said as Ikaruga heard the details. "Your other grandaunts are already at work, and I'm bringing Madoka with me to work. See you then."
"Bye!" Madoka said. "Thanks for coming!"
"All right," Ikaruga said as she returned to chatting for two hours with Grandma Homura about her youth and about the history of the university and her work there.
"So that's how everything came to be," Homura said. "Your mother, Honoka, married a fine man with a wealthy backgrund and gave birth to you. You like like me when I was young, but I never had the chest you had. I was flat."
"If I could go back in time, I wish I could look myself and see my chest and wonder how big I wanted them to really be. Oh well."
She giggled. "Oh Obaasan..."
Homura kissed her. "Are you staying for the night at the house?"
"I am. Mom and Dad said I could stay for the night."
"Okay. Well, I'll let you explore the house and maybe rest for a bit." She got up. "I have to head off to campus to work. Enjoy your stay here. I'll be back later tonight."
"Thanks, Obaasan!" And Homura took off.

After she finished breakfast and let the maids clean up, Ikaruga went up the stairs and took a look at Homura's bedroom. There were photo albums, old plushies, figurines, and a lot of clothes.
"Obaasan has a lot of clothes," she said to herself. "Oh? What's this?" 
It was Homura's gothic outfit that doubled as the women's uniform of The Society. Ikaruga stripped down to her bikini and took a closer look at the details of the outfit. "It has Obaasan's scent and smells of spider lilies," she whispered. "Here goes nothing." 
She slowly put on her grandma's old outfit and matching headband and sheet veil. Once she finished, she started to feel warm, and her breathing was hitched. "Ahhh..haaaah...ahhhh!" She threw aside the sheet veil, fell on the bad and began to schlick, visibly and emotionally stimulated by the touch of the fabric, the scent of the clothes and the memories that came when her grandmother ventured through the mythical City of Lost Children wearing this outfit barefoot. As she continued to put the finger on her forbidden spot, Ikaruga started to understand her grandmother's affection towards her grandaunt Madoka over the years, an affection that never changed.
"Obaasan, obaasan, haaaah, aahhhh, why?" cried Ikaruga, fondling herself even more profusely. "Your clothes...this outfit has caused me's made'm going to...ahhhhh, haahhh....MADOKA!" As soon as she cried Madoka's name, Ikaruga thrashed her head back and stained the bed with her all and she fainted and fell into a deep sleep, her hand still underneath her bikini bottom and her breathing still hitched.

Back at her office, Homura felt a jolt and the orgasmic cries of her granddaughter. Sighing, she pulled out a box of Pocky and began to snack.
"Really, Ikaruga," sighed Homura. "Well, it looks like you know a little bit more about who you are and your family."
Tatsuya passed by Homura's office. He was running an errand for the offensive coordinator, D.W. Hinoi. "Who knows more about whose family?"
"It's Ikaruga."
"Ikaruga? What about her?"
"She went to my bedroom and wore my old gothic Society uniform."
Homura sighed again and looked towards the distance, watching the students walk to their classes as she ripped through her long black hair. "She came."

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