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"It's hard not to like Carmen": Ichino Moritsuka

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"It's hard not to like Carmen": Ichino Moritsuka

By Koyomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
September 21, 2061

Ichino Moritsuka is a freshman child psychology major from Tokyo and is the significant other of Mitakihara Magi free safety Carmen Santos. When they first started dating in the summer, it was a little bit of give-and-take, but eventually, Moritsuka warmed up to Santos and now they are together. Moritsuka originally wanted to be on the cheer team, but it was decided that focusing on her studies would be a little bit more on the safe side.

"It's hard not to like Carmen," Moritsuka said via phone interview from her dorm room that she shared with Santos. "Every time I try to put pressure on him, he's able to shake it off and counter, so I decided to give up on trying to push his buttons. He knows me too well and seems to have a lot of experience in dealing with women.

"For starters, he's a child psychology major like me. That means he gets to be in the same classes with me, we get to tutor each other, and our schedules are pretty much similar. The only difference is that he has practice and sometimes football games. Right now, he is on the road, so I have been alone by myself the last few weeks.

"I get very lonely when Carmen isn't around. I need someone to bug, someone to up the ante on. But he doesn't want to be that type of person that is forced to live under pressure. He enjoys playing under pressure because he's the one forcing it on to himself. When his back is against the wall, he fires back and comes out on top. He's done that the past few weeks and I've been watching him on the television.

"Before Carmen came into my life, I was just that-lonely, introverted, antisocial. But when we've been together, I've been able to express how I really feel towards a lot of things. I've been able to open up. I guess this is what happens when you're in a new country, with new people and new things to do, and you're in a new university you've heard about but never eperienced. You start to open yourself to all the possibilities, and it's really helped me become who I really are.

"As for the two of us, we're going to take it slow. I told Carmen that we can be intimate with each other, but we're not going to have kids until we're done with school. The great thing about Mitakihara Town is that there is an extensive network of family planners that can help us begin the future we've always wanted. We won't worry about that now. But soon, when the time comes, I want us to be ready."

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