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Stuart Kaname leaves Madoka to coach Pittsburgh

Stuart Kaname leaves Madoka to coach Pittsburgh

By Konomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
January 20, 2061

Mitakihara Magi football defensive coordinator Stuart Tetsuya Kaname has been named head football coach at Pittsburgh, according to reports from the university. Defensive line coach Buntarou Okabe, 43 was named the new defensive coordinator of the Magi, with former sprint football defensive lineman Harutora "Tsuchi" Tsuchimikado taking over as defensive line coach.

"It's sad to see another member of the family go, especially the fact that it's my grandson that will be leaving for Pitt, but it's a testament to the fact that we develop coaches that will go on to tremendous success down the road," said Coach Kaname at a press conference at Hakurei Centre. "Buntarou's been doing well in his years of being a defensive line coach and now he gets his chance to be a defensive coordinator so I wish him all the best in his new venture."

"I bring a tough-nosed, blue-collar mentality to coachin the game," Coach Okabe said at his introduction speech today at the presser. "You're going to see some aggressive but smart football on defense. Our players will possess excellent pursuit, force plenty of turnover and deliver multiple looks to opposing offenses. Madoka's blend of football lives and dies by big play consistency and I will see to it that this reputation continues as defensive coordinator."

"This is my first-ever coaching job so this may take time adjusting," said Coach Tsuchi at his introduction speech. "However, I consider myself a person that can learn and adapt on the fly. I've been picked by the coaches to lead the defensive line for a reason, and I hope to do my part in helping lead one of the most feared pass rushing defenses in all of college football.  I'm ready to get my feet on the ground and get started."

"Harutora is a young face that has potential to be a star as a coach of the game," said Coach Kaname of Coach Tsuchi. "At 25, he's a student of the game and also played a few years in the CFL and indoors, so he knows the different brands of gridiron out there as a player. But he really wanted to be a coach of the sport and once we offered the job to him and he accepted, we know we have someone that will do an excellent job in leading these men of character by example. We're glad to have Harutora on the team."

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